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Malaria: What will be the consequences of a global eradication of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes transmit malaria from one infected person to a healthy person. It is a small non-vertebrate, that have to feed on a blood-meal for proper development of its body. This is true for the female Anopheles mosquitoes.

A global eradication of a species of organism would not sound like a super idea to zoologists and preservationists. However, when you think of the biggest killers known to man, mosquitoes top the chart. Not even the great white shark can be compared to this.

Now, having established this, let me now reel out some statistics that will shock you. The numbers keep getting worst. Mosquitoes and Malaria statistics in 2015 shows that the numbers keep getting worse every year.

Latest figures from the World Health Organization indicate that there are 216 million cases of malaria worldwide in 2016, 445,000 malaria deaths worldwide, with about $2.16bn available to combat the scourge of malaria. Yet, it seems cases of malaria keep rising.

For clinicians like myself, one of the best ways to stop malaria is the total eradication of mosquitoes. It is that simple, yet technically difficult to achieve.

Maybe this is the reason why many governments and pharma companies are focusing more on treatment, than actual prevention.

So yes, mosquitoes will not be missed if it is globally eradicated. I daresay it will be applauded. As for the consequences of a global eradication of mosquitoes, I believe we have to take it one step at a time. If eventually, we are able to achieve a global eradication, then we would begin to worry about ‘the consequences’ – even though I fail to see significant consequences arising from this.

It is a race to the finish…

‘It is either we achieve a global eradication of mosquitoes, or mosquitoes eradicate humans soon’.

Take your pick. I would rather go for the former.

Source: DoctorsQuarters.com and WHO

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