Following the COVID-19 Guidelines released by the Lagos State Government, here are excerpts from the statements of Gov. Sanwo-Olu to guide movement and control orders for COVID-19.


  1. Appoint one representative only and the same person should go out every time
  2. List the items to buy
  3. Wear a mask
  4. Go out between 10 am-3 pm (when the sun is shining brightly)
  5. Prepare one plastic bag to fill in the change (do not put money in pocket or purse/wallet) or bring an accurate amount of money WHEN YOU ARE OUTSIDE
  6. Do not stay outside more than 40 minutes
  7. Keep your distance from others (1 meter)
  8. Speak only when is needed
  9. Decide which item to buy and grab it without hesitation (Avoid taking and putting back again)
  10. Give the prepared plastic bag to put in the change, please do not directly touch the money


  1. Expose items that cannot be washed under the sun
  2. Expose all vehicle keys and locks under the sun
  3. Wash hands with soap
  4. Wash washable items including money with soap and dry them
  5. Discard plastic bags
  6. Remove mask and discard FINAL PHASE
  7. Wash your feet with soap before entering the house
  8. Wash and clean the entire body with soap and shampoo
  9. Dry your body
  10. Drink a glass of warm water.

The CoronaVirus is now at the community transmission phase. It means that there are (unknown) infected persons within our neighborhoods that are now infecting other people. It means that they have the infection but not showing clinical symptoms.

Here are my thoughts:

As we go forward, we must now consider everybody around us as already infected. This concept now must be your daily guiding thoughts on how to protect yourself when interacting with anybody outside your household especially neighbors. Don’t assume anybody is as sensible as you’ve been. This is perhaps the only time, in modern history, to arrogantly consider yourself smarter than everyone around you, by judiciously doing all you must to stay safe.

This is also the time to begin to routinely wear facemasks as part of your clothing especially when stepping out of your house.

  • Disinfect facemask before & after use
  • Wash hands regularly with soap + water despite the use of a facemask
  • Use hand sanitizer despite the use of a facemask
  • Don’t touch your face (mouth, nose, ears) … unless with washed hands
  • Obey other cautionary protocols

Facemasks are mostly unavailable or very expensive. So you can improvise using a bandanna, large handkerchiefs, turtlenecks (cut off), etc. The aim is to prevent droplets (from a cough or sneeze) of an infected person from entering your nostrils.

Another key point is to regularly discuss and remind your household members to follow all guidelines too. You’re responsible for each other. Your family’s health lies in the weakest link, so keep everyone strong.


May God protect us


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