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Lagos Building Collapse: #HopeForItaFajiVictims Train Brings Support like never before!!!

It sounded like a bomb-blast. The building came crashing down leaving pandemonium and chaos in the air. Everybody was running in every direction, with nobody really making progress.

It had happened in the morning, at about 9:00 am on a Wednesday. A building marked for demolishing three times had all the while been the premises for school children. Without warning, it successfully, trapped residents, pupils and small goods traders under her rubble

Soon after the collapse, a small search party began to rescue victims. One by one, they extracted survivors. Sooner Emergency Rescue teams of the Lagos State Goverment came to the site and commenced an organized extraction protocol. Patients were sent to referral centers after basic emergency care had been done.

Yet the crowd of onlookers hampered the extraction efforts of rescue workers. They were doing enough then the monster trucks and earth movers came along to hasten their efforts. Sadly some perished when they heard about the news.

A lot of factors in the rescue efforts show that the system is far from operating at a standard.

Now to the positive light that came out from the event. While government officials paid a series of visits to survivors in the hospital, a group of young health and medical professionals took the initiate to provide supplies and services to victims deserving of them.

Mrs Osinbajo conversing with one of children saved from the collapse.
Photocredit: Punch News

Health Hub Africa – The originators of #HopeForItaFajiVictims

Health Hub Africa in partnership with Heal for Africa Initiative paid a visit to Ita Faji Community where the three-story building collapsed on primary school pupils, residents and small shop owners.

The visit was divided into segments, since it was on a sunny sunday. It included visit to affected indigenes of Ita Faji, a blood donation drive in collaboration with BloodPlusNg. There was also an on the spot assessment of what the victims needed the most.

The visiting team brought along some consumables to bring some relief to victims. This may however not be sufficient since the majority of the victims would require rehabilitation – physically, mentally, financially and spiritually.

Financial Donations – The Summaries.

When the calls began for donations and contributions for survivors, Nigerians surprised the world. This was the donation gotten on the first day of the call.


This is an updated version of the status of donations. As at the time of typing this post, donations are in excess of a million naira.

So… The Visit – Photo Speaks

Blood Donation Drive is our first point of call!!!

Registration Point… Blood Donation Drive!!!
Blood Donation – The Mark of Warriors


The Material Donations… from good and well meaning Nigerians
Health Hub Africa Brings smile on faces of victims
Some Blood Donation items, everything for victims of Lagos Building Collapse
Selfie Time for Hubbers… It was a long fulfilling day
Where love abides so does hope, unity and progress… An unspoken message!!!
She may have been a victim of human error, but the smile on her face shows that we should never give up hope…

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