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Lagos-based EMR Start-Up Swift MediSpark, closer to digitizing third-world healthcare.

Swift MediSpark is an Electronic Medical Record/Software start-up with key operations in Lagos and some major cities in Nigeria.

According to a study by TechCabal on the ‘State of Health Tech in Nigeria‘, there are about twelve 12 active health tech sub-sectors in Nigeria.

Swift MediSpark operates in one the sub-sector -Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – arguably one of the most rewarding, active vibrant health tech sub-sector.

I had a scheduled interview with one of the three founders of the one-year-old EMR startup and he revealed the impressive work Swift MediSpark is doing in Nigeria’s health sector.

For about an hour, Co-Founder Mr. Ugo Nwokoro walked me back in time to how the startup founders set up the fabrics of Swift MediSpark. He explained they achieved astonishing success and what the future holds for them.

The Origin

Three men – Mr. Ugo Nwokoro, Dr. Ifedi Okonkwo, Mr. Gbenga Oyeniyi – came together after recognizing they shared a similar passion to make a change in how hospitals handle records.

Before the official launch, the parent company- SwiftPractice EMR was originally owned and run by Dr Ifedi Okonkwo, a Consultant Obstetrician, and Gynaecologist.

It was after the three men came together that the ‘Swift MediSpark’ was born. This was in 2018.

Swift MediSparks Co-Founder – Ugo Nwokoro

The Present

With key operations in some major hospitals in Lagos, Swift MediSpark have been able to offer ‘robustness and core competence’ through the software designed for the Nigerian market.

With over 15 hospitals that run on the SwiftPractice EMR Software, Mr. Ugo believes that the startup is well on the way to becoming Nigeria’s Top Hospital Management Software company.

Some facilities that run on Swift MediSpark’s SwiftPractice includes Havannah Specialist Hospital, St Ives Specialist Hospital, Covenant University Hospital, Marigold Hospital Lagos.

Q/. With just one year in operation, how was Swift MediSpark able to achieve so many milestones?

Mr Ugo believes that the brand stands out on several fronts. One strong feature is their uncompromising stance on integration with detailed implementation of their software in hospitals.

This is what makes them stand out.

Many other EMR fails to prevent this from happening. We ensure follow-ups on all our clients and monitor the software usage by all departments in all hospitals running on our software.

Q/. How well do hospitals adopt your software in their daily operations?

The numbers are clear on this.

From our experience, 80% of all facilities we have visited say they are interested/or they want the SwiftPractice EMR Software.

However, only about 10% of the hospitals/clients buy the SwiftPractice EMR Software.

A number of hospitals cannot afford the services we offer.

Some Banks have intervened to help some hospitals meet up with our finance option. Banks like Access Bank, Sterling Bank are majors in healthcare financing.

Q/. Do you think there is a future a bright future for Hospital Management Software in Nigeria?

YES!!! – I would not be in this industry if there is no bankable future in this sub-sector. Here is why I believe so…

Financial Inclusion in Nigeria is gradually on the rise. Before now, low-income earners are not able to receive care from some of our clients. But this is changing.

Health Insurance is also gradually getting a solid footing in Nigeria. The NHIS, being the cheapest insurance option, is helping a lot of people access care.

Health Maintenance Organizations are becoming more powerful and more relevant in Nigeria. Many hospitals are also signing on to their service.

This means that more hospitals would be depending on the seamless service of EMR companies to ensure accountability and transparency in their processes.

Q/. What is the over-riding Vision of Swift MediSpark?

At Swift MediSpark, we want to be able to Digitize Healthcare in third world countries. This is our overriding vision.

We also have plans to enter into the Telemedicine Space in Nigeria, even though it is a futuristic prospect.

Q/. Is Competition Healthy for your niche?

For me, I consider someone a competition by the impact they create.

So even though there are over 100 EMR companies in Nigeria, we think Swift MediSpark stands out.

The Future

After the chat, Mr Ugo is quite optimistic that the future is very bright.

Having been in operation for about one year, and recording some major milestone, he hinted some major news (including funding) will soon be recorded by Swift MediSpark.

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