Everyone thinks some guys that love the female breast much more than ladies. Well, let me not shock you, but that is not the whole truth.

In fact, a good number of ladies idolize a pair of breasts and are ready to do whatever it takes to make them look better, firmer and succulent.

This is the point where breast augmentation comes in.

In most developed countries, and now observed in some developing countries, breast augmentation procedures are on the increase, with more women jumping in on this ‘life-transforming’ procedure.

When I speak of breast augmentations it is normally associated with breast implants, fake breasts, silicone boobs or whatever else you want to call them. However, people seem to forget that there are lifts, reductions, reconstruction, placements and a plethora of other procedures that fall under this umbrella.

Women from all works of life have actually tried out breast augmentation. So it is not exclusively found in any group of women.

The benefits of a good breast job have kept more and more women desiring to go down that road.

Here are a few benefits most ladies hang on to when they opt for breast augmentation;

  1. Breast Augmentation is a confidence booster
  2. It makes women look better with clothes off.
  3. You get to choose the size of the breast you want.
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  4. Clothes fit better, snug better and feel better.
  5. The implants can be removed in the event that you want it removed.
  6. For life after babies – breast augmentation is a choice that women feel will give back their perkier breast.

But there are some concerns… What You Should Know About Breast Implants.

Breast Implants are common – It could be Silicone Implant or Saline Implant.

Worldwide, breast augmentation with implants is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure. Some 313,000 augmentations were performed in 2018, a 4 percent increase over the number in 2017. Breast reconstruction after cancer surgery accounts for another 100,000 procedures.

But thousands of women with implants have reported developing symptoms experts now refer to as “breast implant illness”, including severe muscle and joint pain, weakness, cognitive difficulties, and fatigue.

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Indeed, there are risks involved in carrying an implant. Many women who have implants do not know there are real risks.

Women considering surgery to receive breast implants should be warned of the risk of serious complications, including fatigue, joint pain and the possibility of a rare type of cancer, the Food and Drug Administration has said.

Several years ago, implants were linked to a rare form of immune system cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. More recent studies have reported higher rates of autoimmune disease among women with breast implants.

Some of the ailments are forms of connective tissue disease, which include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other serious autoimmune conditions.

Primary care physicians and surgeons who perform these procedures should be able to give women some warnings that are directly related to breast implants.

Patients should know that implants do not last a lifetime and that the chances of developing complications increase the longer they have implants and may require another operation to resolve.

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The warnings should also tell women that implants are linked to anaplastic large cell lymphoma, the agency said, and that patients have reported symptoms that cleared up when the implants were removed.

Another warning is for women who smoke or have medical conditions like diabetes or autoimmune disease, they may not fare well after surgery.

All women may be left with chronic pain, loss of sensation or asymmetrical breasts. Other side effects are in women who had babies or breastfed after getting breast implants may experience health problems in their children.

Source: New York Times and Cosmopolitan


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