I was doing some research on my next post when a DoctorsQuarters.com reader sent in an email requesting to be a writer for this blog. I thought it was a brilliant idea because I have read some of his books already published by a renowned publisher based in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

My immediate response was to set up an interview with the young man, whom happen to be a clinical student like me. But on a second thought I reckoned I could put this advert to as many as are interested in joining my team. There are no limitations here. Writers from different health sectors like Nurses, Optometrist, Doctors, Public Health Officers, Pharmacist, Med Lab Scientist etc and even students from the above departments are all welcome.

I hope to provide a portal for professionals from different field to write on issues as it concern their chosen area and how it transform into better service delivery for patients.

If you know you have a knack for writing, writing professionally for the benefit of the public, who truly deserve the best advice from professionals, then reach me. Remember all terms and conditions are open for negotiations.

For more on how to join this blog as a professional writer, click on CONTRIBUTE located on the top side, where the main menu is. You can reach me on my email… drokoloemeka@gmail.com

Welcome on board!!!



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