MRI Medic Consulting Limited is a fast growing a company incorporated under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Health Consultancy company. It is located in the heart of Port-Harcourt City.

They recognize that through effective and mutually beneficial partnerships, clients can be guaranteed quality health care consultancy services. They use client centered techniques, planning and philosophy when developing programs for services and support to ensure that our clients experience optimum value of our services.

The company offers services that are structured towards the creation of value through excellent coordination and efficient delivery of well designed programmes and packages without losing the focus of providing safety in the homes, workplace and roads.

Job Description: Health Content Writers.

To build the capacity of individuals, family, communities and organizations in ensuring their own safety in the homes, workplaces and road.

To provide consistently outstanding practical medical safety and health oriented programs, services and support systems through a dedicated team of professionals with focus on quality and client satisfaction.


1) Provision of custom designed and well equipped first aid boxes for all kinds of vehicles, homes, churches and Cooperate organizations.

2) Training of individuals on how to use first aid boxes and administration of basic first aid.

3) Consulting services on setting up of mini clinics in construction sites,estates and rigs from scratch to stocking of the clinic and provision of personnel to man the clinics.

4) Health Awareness programs in the likes of health talks and seminars especially on prevailing health issues in the society like diabetes and hypertension.

5) Medical Information Services.
We are available to assist clients with answers on routine health related questions via sms, emails and phone calls.

6)Health Tips: We offer valuable health tips on different health topics ranging from diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy amongst others.

Further enquiries:

Call 08034348145 OR Mail


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