It’s time to stop calling cancer the big C; medscape says in an Editorial published yersterday.

Most times when people hear that someone has cancer they are quick to paint a picture of something very deadly in their minds and are very quick to conclude that such a person would die soon.

It is true that cancer is deadly fast growing mass. However much efforts are being made by the Oncologists worldwide to make cancer CHRONIC. Thus changing it from its previous acute condition into one that a person can live with it for a longer period of time. Thanks to advances in  detection and treatment. For example, chronic myeloid leukemia used to have a very poor prognosis but IMATINIB (GLEEVEC, NOVARTIS) has dramatically improved 5-year survival rates.

It is therefore important that we both physicians and patients develop a different attitude and language towards cancer as with the persistence of the war against it we would surely move beyond it.



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