Internship: Common Mistakes Made by New Medical Graduates

As a newly inducted or graduated professional, you experience a euphoria of success, progress, and achievement. Yes!!! We have all been there!!

Some people would go on to have a period of vacation to relax and recuperate from academic work – this is fine. Others would immediately begin their hunt for Housemanship and Internship Positions. Most people would want to work in a big center where the pay is heavy and rewarding!!! Right?

But there is a common mistake that is noticed here – it is making a choice of what center to run the one-year internship program.

Today I ‘ll be telling you why this is so bad and could be derailing.

Take, for instance, it was my dream to do my House job in University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu, but at the time I graduated and inducted, the institution was not calling for new House Officers.

Instead of waiting at home, and not making further progress professionally, it is best to send applications to all other centers currently calling for interested candidates. I recommend that to get on with your Internship or Housemanship, you should apply to a minimum of 3 centers. I knew of somebody who applied to 5 centers and 3 of these centers called him for the interview. He now works at the National Hospital Abuja!!!

Do not relent by putting all your eggs in one basket – send your applications to as many as 3 – 5 institutions. This way you have to sit back and make an informed choice of where you would like to run the one year program.

This worked for me. In fact, I applied to 6 centers. Eventually Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex called me!!!
Also, it is best you use an application delivery platform like DoctorsQuarters e-Application Service for this purpose. You just have to study hard and focus on the particular areas that would guarantee you success. Leave the running around to us, we know the terrains in most Teaching hospitals and we would deliver your applications to the right designation and at the cheapest rate in the healthcare industry!!!

Remember, a stitch in time saves nine – Get started today, send in your application request, we assure you it would be delivered and your Housemanship or internship job is just a second away!!!

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