It is true that it is over 440 days, when Nigeria was declared Ebola Virus Disease free! It is also very true that most Nigerians still live in apprehension, having witnessed first hand how the disease, though eventually controlled, the effects of the disease.

It is also true that some other of our neighbours, like Sierra Leone or Liberia, had a much more far reaching effect of the virus, since they could not control the virus spread as easily as Nigeria did it. It is also true that the stories and pictures coming from these countries have been encouraging.

So when @EbolaAlert; the Nigerian Twitter handle, run as a nonprofit but dedicated to providing facts, figures and any recent development about Ebola Virus Disease; put up these info graphics about the Ebola, I thought it was beautiful and I needed to share it.



Guinea, Sierra Leone And Liberia happen to be worst hit by the Ebola Virus Disease and being geographically close to Nigeria, Nigerians truly want these countries to be declared Ebola Free, hence the prayer!!!

Ebola Virus Disease must be wiped away from the continent. Provided any one country remain affected on the continent, other countries are still remains unsafe.

Thanks to @EbolaAlert for your good works!!!


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