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How to use Misoprostol in 4-Steps, for IUD clients

Inserting or removing an IntraUterine Device can be painful for some women especially nulliparous women, that is for new mothers. This may be the reason why some women do not take up this method.

However, research has it that using Miso-fem (Misoprostol) can help reduce this pain and discomfort by ripening/softening the cervix before the procedure. Ripening the cervix also reduces the chances of cervical laceration and bleeding during or after the procedure.

We shared some inspirational testimonies about the efficacy of Misofem (Misoprostol). Many more stories abound!!

Side effects are minimal because the dosage of misoprostol is small-400mcg but some women may experience mild cramping which can also be attributed to the normal post insertion effect of an IUD.


STEP 1: 
30-minutes before the IUD insertion: 2 tablets (400mcg) of misoprostol (Miso-fem) should be administered sublingually (under the tongue) to ripen/soften the cervix in a non-pregnant woman. After 30 minutes, the client should swallow the remaining pills with water.

STEP 2: 
After 30 minutes: The cervix is softened, you can now use a vaginal speculum to open the cervix. Opening the cervix is usually the cause of the pain most women during IUD insertion but studies have shown that misoprostol can reduce the pain.

STEP 3: 
Measure uterine depth: Once the cervix is opened, measure the uterine depth with a disposable uterine sound- ESA. ESA is used to measure the depth of the uterus(womb) in order to place the IUD accurately or to determine whether to use a smaller IUD like Lydia Sleek.
ESA is available for free when you purchase a box of Lydia Sleek IUD or Lydia Copper Y IUD 

Now you are ready to place your Lydia IUD. Just set the Lydia IUD flange to the measured depth and introduce it into the uterine cavity.

For IUD removal: do you know that giving Misoprostol sublingually 30 minutes before a removal procedure also has the same pain-reducing advantages?

Now, this sounds easy right…

However, if you are confused about how to proceed, and you need expert guidance, then feel free to CONTACT US.


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