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Social Media Voce: How Do I Get Rid of Diabetes

Social Media Voce: Here was my answer to the Quora Question – How Do I Get Rid of Diabetes?

Getting rid of diabetes permanently?’ comes across as very highly unlikely, considering that there really is no science or tech that have such sophistication to achieve that….

I am assuming Diabetes mellitus is our subject matter, and not Diabetes Insipidus.

To enlighten us a little, Diabetes is a medical condition where in the human body have a ‘distorted’ metabolism of sugars leading to high levels of blood sugar levels (glucose). The problem is majorly due to the inability (or poor ability) of the body’s pancreatic cells to breakdown excessive blood glucose.

I would not want to bore you with the details of the types of Diabetes, I and II, but the common decimal is that the hormone, insulin, is the medical treatment option for management of diabetic patients, in conjunction with Lifestyle modification.

Diabetes is usually ‘Managed’… and cannot simply be gotten rid off. Diabetics, with the guidance of physicians, can live an optimal life by the control their blood glucose levels and preventing complications (especially life threatening complications).

Life Threatening Complications of Diabetes every doctor and healthcare giver must be wary about is indeed the fear, and efforts are usually made at totally preventing it.

I must say that at the moment, permanence is a feature of diabetes in humans, with ‘good control’ being the handle that keeps diabetes from veering off the side walk. Patients have been recorded to live with it sufficiently into old age.

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