Patient Policy


There is a clarion call gradually been established from the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, China. This is that manufacturers world-wide slowly and imperceptibly reduce the amount of sugar in sweetened beverages over some period of time-without the addition of artificial sweeteners-this could dramatically cut down the prevalence of diabetes in the population.

My personal opinion of this is that, if such is implemented here in Nigeria it would go a long way to help cut down Obesity rate and diabetes. However, it may be difficult for manufacturers to adapt to the new system as the market for these products will dramatically decline, but consumers may in the long run on seeing the helpful benefits of new policy resume their demand. Truthfully, manufacturers would need to identify new but positive ways to make their market sell…just imagine ice-cream without its usual taste? or the yogurts usually sold at 20naira on the streets to children without its over-sugary taste?

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