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HEALTH TECH: Why The Tech Cabal’s State of Health Tech In Nigeria means so much…(1)

If you are an avid tech lover or a follower of tech trends in the Nigerian space, TechCabal would not sound new to you.

They literally carved a niche for themselves. However this post is not about the dominant role TechCabal plays in the system.

It is about a new report that was published and what this may mean to you – health tech innovators, health care professionals, health entrepreneurs and business men, health enthusiasts.

So the report is titled; THE STATE OF HEALTH TECH IN NIGERIA

The document is arguably one of Nigeria’s most extensive and in-depth research on health tech niche in the country. People prefer to talk about other sectors like FinTech as against Health Tech.

Health Tech may be overly regulated, as the study revealed, but it is recording a steady increase in players trying to create an impact in Nigeria’s health industry.

Thanks to the input of some major players in Nigeria’s Health Tech niche, TechCabal have generated new workable data on an industry shrouded in mystery and uncertainty.


The report revolves around individuals, companies leveraging technology in their daily operations of bringing qualitative, affordable and accessible healthcare services to clients.

In overview, the report studied 40 startups with respect to funds raised, the founders or leadership, the regulatory framework guiding their operations, and what the future holds for health tech businesses in the country.

What does the full report contain?

Already I know you want to lay your hands on the report. But hold on

● Entire source dataset of public information and primary research used to prepare the report;
● The full list of Nigerian health tech startups grouped by subsectors and geographic distribution;
● Gender distribution of founders and professional backgrounds;
● Funding timeline including the type of funding raised;
● List of local and foreign investors in the Nigerian health tech industry;
● Insights and recommendations from more than 70 health tech entrepreneurs and healthcare experts.

The State of Health Tech in Nigeria is sponsored by Avon HMO and Sterling Bank, and was produced in partnership with Digital Health Nigeria, Impact Hub, Olisa Agbakogba Legal and Stears Intelligence.

The report is available for purchase at https://techcabal.com/reports/the-state-of-health-tech-in-nigeria/


They needed the call of the TechCabal Research crew contributing vital information following years of experience as health tech entrepreneurs and innovators.

Check out the list of contributors below;

Photographic from the Document – The State of Health Tech In Nigeria.


Having resolved to publish the findings from this study, TechCabal partners and sponsors were on hand, providing the much needed networking, logistics and support that have birthed.

About TechCabal

Created in 2013, TechCabal is a future-focused publication that speaks in depth to African innovation and technology. In addition to well researched and written articles, reports and expert opinions on the main website, we publish the TC Daily newsletter, the most comprehensive roundup of technology around Africa. The TC Daily arrives in inboxes Monday through Friday at 7 am WAT and can also be accessed on the website. For more information visit www.techcabal.com, and follow www.twitter.com/techcabal and www.instagram.com/techcabal.

About Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank is a national, Nigerian, commercial bank offering services to individuals, small businesses and large corporations. The bank provides finance to solve inadequacies of services in medical and diagnostic Infrastructure – its current investment in this space is robust and it aims to invest another N10bn in the health sector this year. Sterling Bank is partnering with and has invested in various health tech startups as it believes that enabling digital and medical technology will enable the achievement of better health outcomes for all. Learn more here at Sterling Bank.

About Avon HMO

Avon HMO is one of Nigeria’s leading health maintenance organizations providing affordable healthcare plans. Its purpose is to empower people across Nigeria to live healthier, fuller lives by providing access to quality healthcare services. Avon was duly registered by the regulatory authority (NHIS) to operate as a national HMO in October 2012 but commenced operations in 2013. It is a subsidiary of the Heirs Holdings Group, an investment company committed to the economic transformation of Africa. Find out more at AVON

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