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Happy New Year: 3 Ways your doctor spent the Holiday.

It is generally believed that medical doctors ‘must’ be in a hospital, in season and out of season. Surprisingly, a number of Medical Doctors get involved in some other aspects of life, that may shock you. Mostly all doctors look forward to a holiday period like Christmas.

Holidays are times to be remembered by everyone. Usually, in Nigeria, people travel to meet loved ones, to visit villages and enjoy time with extended family and friends. But that may not be the same for members of all professions, especially those who have chosen the noble vocation of medicine – Doctors.

Here are three ways your doctor probably spent his/her holiday-

Reading his books to improve his proficiency in the vocation-

Learning never ends, especially in the field of medicine, Guinness world records 2018 have said that medicine is the most difficult course to study, as a doctor, you are only as good as the skills you acquire and the more you know, the better you are at saving lives, which is why your doctor would spend his/her time reading and learning to be equipped to treat you with the knowledge he/she has acquired, when the need arises

In the Hospital, treating the sick

It’s so unfortunate that sickness/ diseases don’t go on holidays.
They are there to stop you from enjoying your holidays and your doctor. However, following his Hippocratic vows, he cannot let you die of diseases. So your doctor would be in the hospital, diagnosing, prescribing, treating and performing surgeries to make sure you enjoy your holidays and your loved ones don’t cry during the holidays.

Enjoying the holidays, just like you-

As the saying goes – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The same applies even to your doctor. Your doctor would be considered lucky to get his leave during the holiday while his/her colleagues fill up his space, helping sick people. And just like you, he/she would spend time with their families, travel and eat. Just like you, they will play games to ease off the stress they have accumulated from sleepless nights in the OR, rounds and clinics, they will also use that time to reflect on their performance so they can come back after the holidays, refreshed, vitalized and ready to be your doctor once again.

Now that you have an idea of what your doctor is doing this season, send her/him a message, wishing her/him a Happy New Year. I am so sure she/he would reciprocate the good gesture.

Written by Aniekwe Donald, Medical student ESUT college of medicine.

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