Find out: Did you know that a certain cornflakes can diminish sex drive?

I was arguing sometime back with my friends and they said something interesting, which pushed me to read from the book itself, “crazy good sex”. While I reading this book, the writer, Dr. Les Parrott , really surprised me. He had been giving lecture on human sexuality for over a decade and every year when he starts the class, he asks : ‘How many of you had cornflakes this morning?’ and dozens of hands shoot up.

And he asks :’ And did any of ou consider the fact that you were eating a food that was developed in an effort to curb your impulses to masturbate?’

But then, he ( Dr. Les) said it was true and that they were developed by a physician in Battle Creek,Michigan, who wrote that neither the plague , nor war nor small pox, nor similar diseases, have produced results so disastrous to humanity as the unhealthy habit of masturbation and felt that this self abuse destroyed not only moral well-being but also physical and mental health as well.

His name was Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. He created a mixture of oatmeal and corn meal, baked it into biscuits , then ground the biscuits to bits and prescribed them to diminish human sex drive- even among married men. Cornflakes. Why? He believed sexual activity caused cancer, urinary disease, impotence, epilepsy, and insanity.

He also claimed that masturbation was a primary cause of acne, heart disease, atrophy of the testicles, sleeplessness, loss of vitality, and vision impairment. And then some patients found out it was true and one started his own ,and other cornflakes came up. But then Kelloggs remains the king most especially for its taste and some for health benefit.


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