Euthanasia simply means is the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. It is a controversial topic, that elicits emotional outburst from people, whenever the topic is raised. There are different categories of Euthanasia, depending on when the degree of informed consent of the patient, including Voluntary, Non voluntary and Involuntary. This would be for another day.

However, more and more major cities seems to be giving approval and legitimacy to this concept. The latest is coming from California, where the Legislators have approved a bill granting patients Physician-Assisted Suicide.

The bill would allow mentally competent patients to request a prescription that would end their lives if two doctors agree the patients have only six months to live.

The measure, based on a similar law in Oregon, passed the state Senate on Friday on a vote of 23-14, after passing the Assembly on Wednesday.

Some human rights groups and religious organizations, including the Roman Catholic Church, also opposed the bill.

Deceiving or tricking patients into ending their lives is criminal under the new law. The California Medical Association, which for years has opposed assisted suicide, withdrew its opposition last May and took a neutral stance instead. Many doctors continue to oppose it, saying they should preserve life rather than help end it.

The bulk now lies on the desk of the Democratic Governor, Jerry Brown, to either approve or show disapproval by vetoing the bill.

Brown was a former Catholic Seminarian.




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