The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria is the Federal Government approved body, established by law, to over see a lot of issues about medical practice in Nigeria. But what happens when you discover that instead of running a single register, the Council runs about 3 different registers for different purposes.

Surprised? Don’t be!!! It just occurred to me that a ‘big’ body like the MDCN would require to have a complete list of all practitioner in the country.


1. Provisional Registration: 

Provisional Registration is a requirement for fresh graduates of Medical Schools and Dental Schools. The certificate of Provisional Registration is issued to the graduates at the oath taking ceremony.

It makes them eligible for employment in accredited institutions for the purpose of acquiring practical experience under the personal supervision and guidance of one or more fully registered medical practitioners or dental surgeons who hold the rank of Consultant, in the practice of surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, medicine and paediatrics or dental surgery, as the case may be; for 12 unbroken weeks per subject.

Successful completion of such period of employment entitles the person to be issued a certificate of experience (Housemanship forms signed and stamped by the medical practitioner or dental surgeon who is in charge of the institution). The certificate of experience makes the bearer eligible to be registered FULLY on application, as a medical practitioner or dental surgeon as the case may be.

2. Full Registration

A person who has successfully attended a course of training approved by the Council, in an institution approved by Council, and has obtained a certificate of experience as described in (1) above, is entitled on application, to be registered FULLY as a medical practitioner or dental surgeon as the case may be.
A person who is FULLY registered is entitled to practice ALL aspects of medicine or dentistry as the case may be, subject to his expertise and experience. He is issued a certificate of Full Registration as evidence of such registration. The certificate is collected personally at the preferred MDCN office indicated by the applicant.
Collection by proxy is permitted only if the authorised proxy is a doctor whose name has been entered in the Full Register.
Any person who practices medicine or dentistry while not fully registered has committed an offence and may be sentenced to a jail term or fine if convicted by court.
3) Additional Qualification Registration:
A person who is FULLY registered as a medical practitioner or dental surgeon shall be entitled to register any postgraduate qualification if the qualification is approved by the Council in a specialized branch of medicine or dentistry.
This registration enables the person to practice as a specialist in that branch of medicine or dentistry.
I believe this would help demystify the MDCN, to foster a healthy cordial relationship that yield optimum health care.



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