Do You Have Multiple Cuts On Your Wrist… Expect A Doctor To Act This Way!!!

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“How should a doctor handle a patient who comes into his consultation room with multiple cuts on the wrist?!”

While some believe he is justified to act in a certain way, others out rightly hold a different view.

Below is the comment of a Chief Medical Director on how he would handle the case if a patient presented;

If I saw cuts on a patient’s wrist, I would ask the patient about them. If the patient was a teenager and was there with a parent, I would first ask the parent to leave the room and then ask the patient about the cuts. As a doctor, I really want to help my patients in all aspects of their lives, both physical and emotional, so I would be very worried if I saw evidence of self-harm.

The thing is, I don’t automatically look at my patients’ wrists, so I might miss the cuts unless I was directed to look there. This is why it’s so important (if you’re the person with cuts on their wrist) to actually say something.

If you’re too shy or you have a parent with you and don’t want to let them know, there are still other ways to alert the doctor to what’s going on. For example, you could leave the room to “go to the bathroom “ and tell the nurse or medical assistant to let the doctor know that you want to talk to them in private.

Another possibility is to point to the cuts while the doctor is examining you. Whatever means you use, it’s important that this is paid attention to so that you (or whomever the patient is) gets help.


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