Pharmacy Dispensers LeagueMadonna University’s most popular intra-departmental league, The Dispensers League of the Faculty of Pharmacy, came to a wrap on wednesday 24th Feb, 2016. The campus community converged on the designated field where they watched the Ampicillin FC thrash the Artemether FC in a 1-0 win. It was quite a match. The campus was thrown into a frenzy with supporters of the winners jubilating and celebrating.

I was invited to cover the match but for the exam mood on campus… Sorry guys, wish I was there.

A big thumbs-up to Ampicillin FC for being the reiging winners>>> Artemether FC, try well next time… hehehe!!

See Photos of the day:

The Dispenser League Cup>>> photocredit: TobiSly Blog
The Dispenser League Cup>>> photocredit: TobiSly Blog

FB_IMG_1456457999217 FB_IMG_1456457993029 FB_IMG_1456457972093

Photocredit: Tobi Sly Blog




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