Dino Melaye: Medical Status & Health Implications of jumping out of a moving vehicle

Dino Melaye is a controversial senator. Outspoken, vocal and critical. However, his constituents from Kogi West Senatorial District, voted him to be a serving senator. He is a member of ruling All Progressive People’s Party.

Senator Dino, as he is fondly called by most people, have been a man of many colors. He has featured in quite a lot of scandals, not minding that he who gets hurt politically.

The Kano-born Senator is currently in some wranglings with the Nigeria Police over his complicity with respect to providing guns to some hoodlums in his state. He denies it. He have been arrested by the Police, and prevented from leaving the country by the Nigeria Immigration Service.

A transient blur is usually experienced by patients who jumps off a moving vehicle with a head trauma.

Recently, he jumped out of a moving vehicle from where he was being transported to the Kogi State for a court trial. In a tweet, Senator Murray Bruce accounts that the Senator Dino, an asthmatic, was gassed while he was been transported too Kogi State. He had to jump out of the vehicle to save his life.


A little while after the jumping incident, the 58 year old senator was taken to a private hospital.

Understand that this may be grave for the Senator. A host of factors makes this highly likely, his age and the speed f the moving vehicle being critical factors.  Already it is now public knowledge that Senator Dino Melaye is Asthmatic.

A move as deadly as that pulled by Senator Dino Melaye could result in fracture of the long bones of the body especially of his legs, hands, ribs etc. Bruises would accompany the fracture, portending an underlying organ rupture. Depending on the body part that makes contact with the ground, there could be internal bleeding of vital body organs. Head trauma could lead to a concussion, contusion, scalp laceration, scalp fracture or even compounded by a traumatic brain injury

From the exterior, the skin could be breached by a number of randomly lying objects like stones, pebbles, iron rods, glass and so on. Dust and sand particle would infect the wounded surfaces with Tetanus. As an known asthmatic, the event could be a precipitant to an acute asthmatic attack. Other conditions that could stem from this may see the Senator tilting into Post Traumatic Depression.

A full complement of medical professionals are involved in a traumatic event like this.

Accident and Emergency Physicians would naturally be the first line of doctors to attend to him. While Orthopaedic surgeons would be tackling any fractures, general surgeons have to be on hand to deal with any abdominal vital organ rupture. Neurosurgeons would definitely have to be called in to handle issues of the head, like a traumatic brain injury. The plastic surgeons, physicians, Physiotherapist, traumatic nurses are more professionals that would add value to the management process.

A psychiatric review will have to come in the management, for it is a suicidal tendency for anyone to jump out of a moving vehicle, especially when there is no aggravating factor. A trained Psychiatrist should be invited for a consult.


Jumping out of a fast moving vehicle is a desperate act with dire medical consequences for the untrained person and the elderly. Dino Melaye’s instance is obviously political but politicians are not insulated from medical conditions. So care, reason and logic should precede actions that could be detrimental to the health of anyone.

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