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Diet greatly affects our general appearance. An adequate diet may even make us appear more attractive, as it increases the firmness and glow of the skin, face and the body in general. These are some of the signs of adequate nutrition which have much to do with the pleasing appearance of our bodies.

The skin
Many women try to solve the problem of oily or scaly skin by using products which are applied externally, without taking to consideration the fact that skin cells are formed, as are others, from foods ingested. Eating an abundant quantity of fruits and vegetables which will provide vitamins A and C, the elimination of foods overloaded with spices, abstinence from alcoholic beverages, and replacing the use of animal fats with vegetable oils, may be sufficient to restore health to an abused skin. Let us not forget that a balanced diet is the best beauty treatment.

Hair and nails
These are body tissues; for this reason a deficient diet may lead to broken fingernails, with small white spots, and to dry, colorless and dull hair. Certain diseases that affect the hair such as seborrhea and dandruff at times are aggravated by an inadequate diet. To have silky and shiny hair, and resistant and well formed nails, we should have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals which may be found in fruits and vegetables. Iron and silicon are two minerals whose lack will especially affect the firmness of the nails.

The eyes
The nutritional condition of a person can sometimes be seen in the appearance of the eyes. Clear, shiny eyes, with no redness, and no scales on the eyelids, are an indication of good nutrition. There are deficiencies in vitamins{ A and B2} that are perceived in the eyes: a loss of vision where there is little light, falling and dryness of the eyebrows, redness, etc. The so-called colored vegetables{peppers, carrots, tomatoes} are a good source of vitamin a in the form of carotene {provitamin}.

A smile is a sign of good nutrition and magnifies body beauty. Nevertheless, a smile may not be as attractive if it does not revel healthy teeth. To help teeth grow strong and well formed it is necessary to combine three factors: periodic vigilance, hygiene and adequate diet. Foods rich in calcium, such as dry fruit or milk provide the needed ingredients to form healthy teeth. On the other hand, food and drinks that are laden with sugar are the worst enemies of the teeth, for they favor the development of caries. Snacking or eating between meals often is the prescription for getting cavities in your teeth.

Adequate weight in needed to maintain an attractive body, and is an indication of correct diet and good health. In order to maintain within the correct limits, it is well to base the diet on vegetarian foods: fruits, cereals(grains) an garden products. It is very difficult to find a fat vegetarian. As known , the abundant use of fats, especially those of animal origin, is one of the most important factors in obesity caused by food.
We go through the stress of looking for drugs to either boost our health status, reduce aging, burnout fats, improve skin tone and many others, when we have our own home remedies available to us. The earlier the better.

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