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Deliver Your Medical Internship Application Via our new DoctorsQuarters e-Application Delivery Service.


DoctorsQuarters have been in Nigeria as Health Media Company and Content Creator since its registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission. It has successfully launched programs and partnered with major health brands to execute campaigns, programs that have affected the lives of Nigerians.

Over the years we have grown our networks and connections with healthcare players and key medical institutions in the country. It is no wonder that, as a matter of policy, we decided to launch this e-Application Delivery Service. This service/platform is borne out of the need to fill the information gap and social distance between the hospitals and prospective interns.

Needless to say that we are riding on our track record, A-class service delivery and from the experiences of our Directors and Management Staff.

As a Media House, we value information and we know how information has changed the destiny of nations. So with the help of our networks and from willing volunteers who send in internship related information, publications and notices from hospitals nationwide – we are able to share this information. More importantly, we help in the submission of applications for would be qualified and interested Interns. We are not affiliated to any hospital.


We understand that new graduates may not be financially buoyant to apply in multiple centers for the compulsory one-year internship. The difficulties of access to funds as fresh unemployed graduates coupled with the economic realities currently is real and has determined our pricing.

Basically, we charge zero naira for joining our platforms where one could get internship information, counsel and advice. Our service is in three arms viz –

  • Timely Authentic Internship Information
  • Counselling, Advice on best opportunities on career prospects
  • Submission of Applications

However, we have competitive prices for the submission of applications. We charge N1500 for submission of applications despite having stellar services.

Some exceptions may occur that may warrant we marginally increase the price. A clear example is if the application demands printing of Passports or
there are transportation difficulties with some centers we charge N2000. In some rare occasions, some centers demand up to 10 – 15 copies of each document that is submitted, then we charge N2000.

It therefore means that our baseline fee is N1500.


At the moment, the DQ e-Applications Delivery Service is Whatsapp based. Currently we have a little over 50 users since we launched our service last week. It is our wish to provide an unbeatable wholesome package to interested clients.

Over 10,000 prospective interns graduate annually across the country. This means that the country is still underserved.

We are also not effectively covering all teaching hospitals. It is our long term goal to effectively provide this service to all states of the Federation where there are opportunities for training of medical and healthcare workers.


Having studied the niche and the prevailing determining factors, we can boldly say we anticipate some challenges. We have put up structures to mitigate these challenges and to ensure clients have a blissful experience on our platform.

Here are some of the challenges;


In the event that any e-Application parcel is not delivered to the announced institution destination after payment have been confirmed and before our deadline, candidates would be given the options of either requesting for another centre, or reverting the money back to his/her account.

It is one of our principal policy to reimburse all candidates whose approved applications were not successful submitted.


All documents that we submit must be filled and computer-scanned to our dedicated email. This ensures that they are readable and clear. Mobile scanned documents would not be accepted. Users would be advised not to send in mobile scanned documents.


We anticipate that some candidates may present false or fake documents in their desire to secure a position in any of the internship programs. We would not be held liable for this. In the event that this is discovered, DoctorsQuarters will not reimburse such candidates of his funds.

We would reject all fake documents once we discover it. Mutilated documents as well will not be accepted.


As a private company, clients are encouraged to join and patronize our services. We anticipate there would doubt and worry about the possibility of actually delivering a parcel.

This should not arise because funds paid to us should be made directly to our official company account. So we can trace every transactions. Our staff also meticulously package and seal your parcel for onward delivery.

Most institutions send an SMS alert to shortlisted candidates who would be partaking in the exam and for Invitation for Interview.
Please note that we offer genuine services and we always announce to you after your submission is made.

Like I said earlier, we have a reputation to protect in this niche… we would do everything that is legal to get you the best deal.

However, sometimes some people have a biased mind about our services despite our track record. It would be best they approach other agencies for a similar service.


We have already started experience spammers who are taking advantage of our community to spam with irrelevant and unrelated posts and news. We have nothing to say but that they would be ejected without a second thought by the admins.


We give a free submission of application after we have submitted 4 applications for you. This means we submit the fifth application for free.

To stress the point once again, in cases of missed applications (though rare), we refund or replace it with another center depending on the choice of the candidate/client. In some cases, we also guide and advise on the best possible center to get placements based on candidate’s state, region, and choice.


We believe that after graduation every decent graduate deserves the best internship spot that would boost their careers. This is why DoctorsQuarters e-Application Delivery Service is here to stay.

Remember to join our WhatsApp Group on 08134891180 and be part of our community…

See you soon!!

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