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Social Media Voce: #WorldMilkDay2018 Is June 1… But #NigeriaMourns.

In a few days, precisely on June 1, it would be World Milk Day 2018. On this edition of Social Media Voce, we celebrate the decision of the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations to harp on the importance of Milk. World Milk Day 2018 Since the first World Milk Day was held in 2001, […]

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Social Media Voce: Nigerian Physiotherapist & Consultant Calls Out JOHESU… Social Media Users Reacts

On this week on Social Media Voce, we focus on the JOHESU Strike. The Health Sector Workers are still on strike on issues that bothers primarily on pay review/increment. Despite having several meetings with the Federal Government, the strike rages on. Like some health workers believe, the strike remains justifiable but not to the detriment […]

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Social Media Voce: Medical Students Resists UCH Fee Hike… while BamTeddy Hitched A Ride To Senator Dino

Social Media Voce is our new feature that highlights social media trends and issues as appreciated by Medical and Health practitioners. To the major issues… The College of Medicine University of Ibadan was in social media trends… BamBam and Teddy got hosted by Nigeria’s most vocal senator, Senator Dino Melaye. Nollywood actress, Genevive melted Nigeria’s […]

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Social Media Voce: Tetanus and Anti-Tetanus Injection Still Raises Confusion?… Why and When You Should Take It.

This is the second issue of our new Social Media Voce… some hot Social Media Topics are considered. Of all the popular social media handles, Quora in my opinion, allows for users to ask the funniest and weirdest of all questions.  The surprising thing is that the site’s algorithm channels questions to users with ‘special’ […]

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Social Media Voce: World Glaucoma Week – ‘The Silent Thief of Sight’ Can Be Defeated

The World Glaucoma Week 2018 is here. And for this year, it is holding from March 11 to March 17, 2018. Like the World Glaucoma Week 2016, the theme of this year’s event still remains “Beat Invisible Glaucoma”, even as it remains so special and is evidently more robust. Well, Nigerian Health Companies keyed into […]

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Social Media Voce: Breast Cancer Have a Greater Burden than Prostrate cancer

Last week, social media was abuzz with some posts that appeared controversial in itself, but were all totally true. The Economist tweeted a rather interesting finding that seemed to suggest that more men are dying from Prostate and relatively fewer women are dying from breast cancer. FACT! Read about the finding here A perfect example […]

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Indian’s youngest serving Ambassador, thinks the ‘Best’ goes to Medical and Engineering Colleges.

You may know him or not, but in a country considered to be a developing country like Nigeria, Mr Rahul Shrivastava, Indian’s currently serving Ambassador to Venezuela, has got a lot of experience that stands him out from his peers. At 40 years of age, he was appointed to become Ambassador to Venezuela. I was […]

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Anonymous Doctor Agrees To Getting Turned-On When Examining Female Patients

Our social media feature for this weekend is on the word ‘Chaperone’. Social media really allows for the darnest and most puzzling of questions to be asked. I totally believe Quora, tops the chart in this regard. Questions begging for answers… So an anonymous doctor (obviously of the male gender) sent in a response to […]

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15 Scientific ‘Foods’ that maintain sound health and good weight .

Weight loss or gain issues keep popping up across most social media trending conversations. A number of people keep making, or falling for, basic mistakes about this social topic. Quora user, Kim Johnson – Doctor, Physiologist, and certified body trainer, put down a beautiful piece of 15 scientific foods you must stick to if you […]

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#CostOfChildMarriage: Girls Should Be students, not Brides.

THE girl child is quite unique and vulnerable in our society today, as they seem the victim of child marriage. For every girl child who is subjected to an early marriage, she is much more predisposed to complications of pregnancy and delivery processes. She faces higher risk of social violence and has less decision making […]

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Reasons you should mind what you eat from food/fruit/vegetable vendors

Food and fruit vendors are rampant this days, as they make it easy for one to get something to eat anytime. But then there are those of us who are probably  on the expressway, travelling and sometimes have some cravings that make us purchase these foods/fruits n the way, and we just eat them up. […]

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It is utterly wrong to think you can ‘clean your lungs’.

“Smokers are liable to die young”… a mantra most Nigerians know all too well. This clause, put out by the Federal Ministry of Health, has turned to be a slogan against smoking and tobacco use. At the moment legislation have banned smoking in public place, and heaped heavy taxes on tobacco makers. Also, Nigeria does […]