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How Accurate Is A DNA Test?

A DNA test is a medical method for checking the paternity or maternity of a child in the medical community.  A DNA test also allows you to determine bloodlines and genetic diagnosis of different inherited diseases you are vulnerable to. We get half of our DNA  from our biological mother and the other half from […]


LUTH Opens New Cancer Treatment Center.

The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) and Lagos University Teaching Hospital LUTH, cancer treatment centre recently commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari will open its doors to patients on May 1. Chief Medical Director of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Prof. Chris Bode in a statement said the centre’s ultra-modern equipment was undergoing necessary calibrations and […]

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Press-Release: Phillips Consulting reviews the Socio-Economic Impact of Cancer in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria: In 2018 Phillips Consulting (PCl), examined the socioeconomic impact of cancer in an extensive study. Responses were gathered from thousands of Nigerian Cancer victims or caregivers, family, and friends. In Nigeria, the general media are most often overwhelmed with reports of cancer victims alongside impassioned solicitations for funds for treatment abroad. Today In […]


Body size may influence women’s lifespan more than it does men’s

Physical activity is linked to longer lifespans in both sexes, it seems the more time men spend physically active every day, the better it is for their chances of reaching old age, whereas 60 minutes a day was associated with the best chance for women, the findings indicate. Average life expectancy has risen over the […]

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Why patients lie to their doctors

When your doctor asks how often you exercise, do you give her an honest answer? How about when she asks what you’ve been eating lately? If you’ve ever stretched the truth, you’re not alone. 60 to 80 percent of people surveyed have not been forthcoming with their doctors about information that could be relevant to […]


A patient waits. And waits.

PATIENT WEEPS: I sit before you and others like you, in silence, anxious about what I might be told. You deliver a litany of questions to my countenance as I sit in a chair beside you. Your attention is diverted to the cold and detached computer screen where my responses are entered without you ever […]

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World Prematurity Day: Premature babies deserve more love and care.

Yesterday, like every November 17th was World Prematurity Day. I decided to share this beautiful experience and hope you get inspired. Enjoy August 2nd, 1992. I was the duty house officer assigned to the labor and delivery unit of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. I was doing a one-month neonatology stint as part of my […]


Beware!!!: Youths Are Boiling Sanitary Pads To Get High In Indonesia

Indonesian teenagers are using menstrual pads to get high by boiling the sanitary product and then drinking the water, local officials have warned. Both new and used sanitary pads are said to be obtained by young Indonesians looking for a cheap and legal way to get high. The chemicals in the sanitary pads give those […]


Health Insurance is a pillar of healthcare. It must not be rubbished!!

One lady just walked into the clinic saying, ‘I want to see a pediatrician.’ I politely replied, ‘what is wrong with your baby?’ Let me know if I can help. If you need to see the pediatrician, I will refer you ‘ ‘No doc, I just want to see a baby-doctor!’… she replied tersely. ‘It […]

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How to use Misoprostol in 4-Steps, for IUD clients

Inserting or removing an IntraUterine Device can be painful for some women especially nulliparous women, that is for new mothers. This may be the reason why some women do not take up this method. However, research has it that using Miso-fem (Misoprostol) can help reduce this pain and discomfort by ripening/softening the cervix before the procedure. Ripening the cervix […]


Nutrition has a greater impact on bone strength than exercise

One question that scientists and fitness experts alike would love to answer is whether exercise or nutrition has a bigger positive impact on bone strength. ALSO READ: To Eat or Not to Eat Before Exercise University of Michigan researchers looked at mineral supplementation and exercise in mice, and found surprising results — nutrition has a […]


Nigerians life expectancy can rise to 74.8 years by 2040 – Study

Life expectancy can rise to 74.8 years in Nigeria by 2040, a study published on Wednesday in an international medical journal, The Lancet, has stated. The study ranked Nigeria 156th among 195 nations with an average life expectancy of 65.0 years in 2016 but states the country can rise to 123rd in 2040 with an […]


Humans Can Only Recognize 5,000 Faces.

Even with the best photographic memory, people can only recognize a limited number of faces – a staggering 5,000 on average. A research team, from the University of York, tested study participants on how many faces they could recall from their personal lives and the media, as well as the number of famous faces they […]