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Social Media Voce: To be a Medical student, your answer to these questions must be ‘NO’.

The life of a medical student starts the moment one makes up his/her mind to becoming a medical doctor. After a minimum of six years (which could be as long as 10 -15 years, varied across different medical schools), students graduate and become Medical Doctors. It is commonplace for young and old to admire medical […]

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The Health Hub Births Nigeria’s First House Officers Guide – Mint Stethoscope.

The name says a lot about this new e-book launched yesterday by the Health Hub – Mint Stethoscope. Mint Stethoscope was a product of intensive research and contribution by resource persons, who are members of the Health Hub. It sounds like MINT money – new notes. Mint Stethoscope – New Stethoscope. It is a representation […]

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BREAKING: UNTH Full List of Successful House Officers and Interns 2019

On a rather glad note, we are proud to bring you the comprehensive list of all SUCCESSFUL Intern and House Officer enlisted by the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, UNTH, Ituku/Ozalla Enugu. When we announced that thousands of young medical candidates applied to join the UNTH for the compulsory one-year internship positions, a huge number […]


Internship: Common Mistakes Made by New Medical Graduates

As a newly inducted or graduated professional, you experience a euphoria of success, progress, and achievement. Yes!!! We have all been there!! Some people would go on to have a period of vacation to relax and recuperate from academic work – this is fine. Others would immediately begin their hunt for Housemanship and Internship Positions. […]

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Taking a re-sit medical exam? Read this to inspire you.

GUEST POST: This is dedicated to all my noble colleagues and medics with particular reference to those in deep struggles with re-sits and different levels of demotion in Madonna University Teaching Hospital, Elele, Rivers State: “Declare the past, diagnose the present, Foretell the future; practice these acts. As to disease, make a habit of two […]


Medical students need not fear to ask questions

One of the hardest set of individuals to teach are medical students this is because; aside from the high probability that a medical student may have read the topic prior to the lecture, medicine is so interesting and prompt a lot of curiosity and hence so many questions. This is why a typical session with […]

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Style Slush: The Classic Medical Practitioner & Medicos

Medical professionals are passionate about so many things. We have got a great passion for our work, and we rejoice when the population is healthy, beautiful and strong. A Classic medical practitioner is an appealing sight to behold, in the eyes of his patients/clients and in the eye of his colleagues. Style has always been […]


More men are being admitted into medical schools than ladies?

My experience is quite the opposite. I think for the most class of medical students in Nigeria (especially southern Nigeria), where the girl child right is promoted and encouraged, you will find a slightly higher number of ladies than gents in medical school. It may even appear women are favored at different stages of the […]


Ex-Face of DoctorsQuarters Beauty Queen Enters For Face of Candy City…

Ex-Face of DoctorsQuarters and Beauty Queen, Miss Ojeh Jenita has joined the race to be the new Face of CandyCity. She reigned as Face of DoctorsQuarters for a one year period. Miss Jenita, a model and a student of Optometry at the Prestigious Madonna University is optimistic and upbeat about winning the highly coveted crown in […]


Benue State School Of Nursing Markudi Admission Forms On Sale 2018/2019 Session

The sale of entry forms into Benue State School of Nursing Makurdi commenced to 11/06/2018. Interested candidates are to obtain the form at the Benue State Ministry of Health and Human Services which is located at the state secretariat. Amount: The form costs Five Thousand, Fifty Naira (N5,050.00) Only. Interested candidates must pass the following […]

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Medical Student Study Methods For Excellence… (Series One)

To achieve excellence, students have to study smart and hard. Medical student study methods determine how far he/she will become a successful practitioner. A whole lot depends on a perfect keystroke. There are a lot of new realities in a medical school, different from what obtains in a conventional tertiary institution. I know this because, […]