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Nationwide Internship Update: Ongoing House-Jobs & Internship Applications As At Feb 2019

This week on Nationwide Internship Update, we are glad to announce the NEW DoctorsQuarters Medic e-Application Service for all New graduates and professionals seeking to get the best advice by tapping into our wide range of network, is now active!!! A number of new medical and health graduates have desired to get the best by […]

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Press-Release: Phillips Consulting reviews the Socio-Economic Impact of Cancer in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria: In 2018 Phillips Consulting (PCl), examined the socioeconomic impact of cancer in an extensive study. Responses were gathered from thousands of Nigerian Cancer victims or caregivers, family, and friends. In Nigeria, the general media are most often overwhelmed with reports of cancer victims alongside impassioned solicitations for funds for treatment abroad. Today In […]

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FindHealthPro unveils outstanding TeleHealth Innovation for Nigerians.

Wide-Reaching flexibility in the professional care of patients and clients is about to take a new dimension for Nigerians. The Nigerian healthcare system is catching up fast with the concept of TeleMedicine. In other climes, especially in most developed countries of the world, TeleMedicine has contributed immensely to the positive strides and consistent trajectories in […]

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Doctors’ Demands from Lagos Gubernatorial Candidates justified?

In a couple of weeks, residents of Lagos state would elect a new Governor who would direct the affairs of the over 15million residents in the state. Lagos state is perceived to be the most advanced state, in a number of sectors in Nigeria, with a lot of implications for the health status of the […]

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College of Nigerian Pathologists Issues A Communique at its 13th Annual Scientific Conference and General Meeting

CThe College of Nigerian Pathologist held her 13th National Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting at the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre Lagos. The Theme of the conference was financing clinical laboratory services for the 21st century: Public private partnership or other models while the sub theme was Recent Advances in Pathology The opening ceremony was chaired […]

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Nationwide Internship Update: Ongoing House-Jobs & Internship Applications As At Jan 2019

This week, on a special feature of Nationwide Internship Update, I heartily believe that you have started off 2019 in good cheer and pomp. \ is glad to have you here on this page and we are promising to bring our best in this new year. Now for the ongoing internship vacancies; EKO Hospital […]

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Modern Medicine or Traditional Medicine, which is the best option for our modern lifestyle?

A look around the world shows that our current lifestyle, though modern in outlook, may be a major contributor to some of the common illness affecting man today. But the question that logically follows is, Should we rely on newer medical therapies and protocols? or should we simply pedal a few years back and adopt […]

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NHIS Should not exclude Cancer Patients. We are all human beings.

The financial burden of cancer can be utterly devastating to both the patients and their family members. Honestly, the recent refusal of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to cover cancer patients in Nigeria, is a terrible blow to the entire populace and particularly the patients affected. It makes me keep wondering why the NHIS […]

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Stack Diagnostics to Revolutionize the Nigerian Healthcare Sector

Molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine company Stack Diagnostics (StackDx) is changing the face of healthcare in Nigeria by making available to doctors over 300 difficult-to-access diagnostic tests. Over 20 tests are also being made available to consumers, encouraging them to take charge of their health. To simplify the entire process, they have created an online […]

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I Hate Strike Action… I hate UNTH & LUTH.

Hospitals are supposed to be places of solace for the sick, the vulnerable, and for all who seek her service. It should be like the inseparability of the heat of the sun from the rays of the sun, patients should not be separated from a hospital. Strike-action is arguably the predominant factor that separates patients […]

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MDCN-NMA Be Careful. You are short of having a revolution in your hands

Twitter is swirling and fuming like a raging storm. Well maybe not all of Twitter, but Nigerian doctors on Twitter are expressing their displeasure over a new “Building levy” they are made to pay before their 2019 License will be processed. The new Nigerian Medical Association Building Levy is N20,000. It is being backed by […]

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N-Power Health is built on a wrong foundation. It may not last!!!

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with a number of perennial social problems including unemployment and high morbidity and mortality. N-Power is the Nigerian Government’s employment vehicle, that provides jobs for Nigeria’s vast graduated sub-population. I have really not met a single person employed under the Health Corps, except for last week. She was speaking loudly […]

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The NHIS Imbroglio – Guild of Medical Directors Take Strong Stance.

The National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS is supposed to be a shining beckon of hope in a heavy mist of expensive healthcare bills. The laws establishing the Scheme assured Nigerians of a commitment to securing universal coverage and access to adequate and affordable healthcare in order to improve the health status of all Nigerians. However, with […]

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Nationwide Internship Update: Ongoing House-Jobs & Internship Applications As At Nov 2018

Graduation is fun and most people look up to it. Getting an internship slot of your choice that pays well requires you have adequate information. From across the nation, internship positions keeps popping up. We monitor these ‘pop-ups’ and bring them to you just on time. So for this week’s Nationwide Internship Update, there are […]