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I Hate Strike Action… I hate UNTH & LUTH.

Hospitals are supposed to be places of solace for the sick, the vulnerable, and for all who seek her service. It should be like the inseparability of the heat of the sun from the rays of the sun, patients should not be separated from a hospital. Strike-action is arguably the predominant factor that separates patients […]

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MDCN-NMA Be Careful. You are short of having a revolution in your hands

Twitter is swirling and fuming like a raging storm. Well maybe not all of Twitter, but Nigerian doctors on Twitter are expressing their displeasure over a new “Building levy” they are made to pay before their 2019 License will be processed. The new Nigerian Medical Association Building Levy is N20,000. It is being backed by […]

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N-Power Health is built on a wrong foundation. It may not last!!!

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with a number of perennial social problems including unemployment and high morbidity and mortality. N-Power is the Nigerian Government’s employment vehicle, that provides jobs for Nigeria’s vast graduated sub-population. I have really not met a single person employed under the Health Corps, except for last week. She was speaking loudly […]

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The NHIS Imbroglio – Guild of Medical Directors Take Strong Stance.

The National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS is supposed to be a shining beckon of hope in a heavy mist of expensive healthcare bills. The laws establishing the Scheme assured Nigerians of a commitment to securing universal coverage and access to adequate and affordable healthcare in order to improve the health status of all Nigerians. However, with […]

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Nationwide Internship Update: Ongoing House-Jobs & Internship Applications As At Nov 2018

Graduation is fun and most people look up to it. Getting an internship slot of your choice that pays well requires you have adequate information. From across the nation, internship positions keeps popping up. We monitor these ‘pop-ups’ and bring them to you just on time. So for this week’s Nationwide Internship Update, there are […]

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Africa’s Leading Molecular Diagnostics Company Stack Diagnostics Introduces DiagnoseMe Africa

SPONSORED POST: Nigeria’s first molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine company Stack Diagnostics introduced its subsidiary, DiagnoseMe Africa at a stakeholders meeting on Tuesday 22nd October 2018 at Four Points by Sheraton, Oniru, Lagos. DiagnoseMe Africa is an online platform set to contribute to the Nigerian health sector by providing access to over 300 life-saving tests […]

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Health News Watch: Nigeria’s Immunization Figures Improves… Canada’s Prime Minister approved Governor’s General BioLab Launch.

Today on Health News Watch, we gladly announce that we are back, big and better. It was necessary we reorganized the team for a greater efficiency. We promise not to disappear for so long again. Since we have got that out of the way, first, some sad news; Annually about 7million people die from air […]

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Nationwide Internship Update: Ongoing House-Jobs & Internship Applications As At October 2018

This week on Nationwide Internship Updates; We announce that there is currently a wave of calls for application going on in this month alone. You should know that some centres like Lily Hospital and ESUTH Parklane had a short window and have since closed the window. For those who follow our social handles, it was announced there. […]

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Building Africa’s Laboratory Workforce Must Be Prioritized – ASLM Director

Press Release. Since laboratory professionals play a vital role in the identification of diseases, ensuring the reliability of laboratory investigations and reporting laboratory findings to the clinicians for timely and adequate patient management; experts are advocating for new initiatives and partnerships aimed at training, mentoring and certifying laboratory professionals across the continent. One of those making […]

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Malaria: What will be the consequences of a global eradication of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes transmit malaria from one infected person to a healthy person. It is a small non-vertebrate, that have to feed on a blood-meal for proper development of its body. This is true for the female Anopheles mosquitoes. A global eradication of a species of organism would not sound like a super idea to zoologists and […]

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Top Destinations for Emigrating Nigerian Doctors

Emigration of Nigerian doctors has undeniably become a matter of public health concern and in recent times, has made the headlines on many occasions. With a lot of questions being asked, we have decided to put in a little work to come up with this “Top destinations for emigrating Nigerian Doctors”. The major reasons fuelling […]

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Press-Release: Medic West Africa 2018 to Showcase Continued Transformation of Healthcare Infrastructure Across the Region

Medic West Africa 2018 – Under the support of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health, West Africa’s largest gathering of healthcare trade professionals is set to host more than 4,200 attendees Lagos, Nigeria, 12 September 2018: Informa Exhibitions, the region’s leading healthcare exhibitions organizer, has announced that Medic West Africa will be returning to the […]

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Medic West Africa 2018 – Register To Attend West Africa’s Largest Healthcare Business Conference

Medic West Africa 2018 will take place from 10-12 October 2018 at the Eko Hotel Convention Centre Lagos, Medic West Africa serves as the premier B2B healthcare platform in the West African region. Last year following Medic West Africa 2017 Press Release a barge of industry experts, professionals, businesses and investors registered to attend and participate in West Africa’s […]

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The Nigerian educational system poses a lot of unnecessary challenges that every student seeks to avoid or – where they have no better choice, as it’s usually the case – pass through the traumatizing system as hurriedly as possible. It is such a malady of poor or lack of instructional materials, outdated curriculums, recurrent strike […]