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Vaginal Odor Is Caused by a number of things… Pregnancy is not one of them. (See Vaginal Odor causes here)

Recently, I was posted to work in the Paediatrics Department of a high patient turnout teaching hospital. So imagine my surprise when while consulting in the clinic, a mother asked me if pregnancy is related to vaginal odor. Thankfully, her little boy (who had been coughing for about 3 days) was just the last patient […]


Researchers establish dangers in sleeping for long hours

A new study by a team of researchers at the Keele University, Newcastle, United Kingdom has shown that people, who sleep for more than eight hours each night are at a greater risk cardiovascular disease  and mortality than people who sleep for seven hours or less. According to, the researchers noted that sleeping for 10 hours […]

Knee helps to take a big jump

Pain on Inside of Knee Is A Unique Knee Pain

The knee is an important region of the body because of its weight bearing and hinge properties. Its ‘swings’ the body into motion whenever it is in action. Pain on inside of knee is simply enough to affect mobility. However, this swinging action could be impeded by a knee pain. Commonly the source of the pain […]


Skinny Jeans Is Trendy… However, Here Are The Danger In Wearing Skinny Jeans

There is no doubt that wearing skinny jeans or tight fitted trousers make us look so smart and stylish, but have we consider the health implication of putting on skinny jeans? If you prefer the Russell Brand tight jeans look, trendy and fab, you might be putting yourself at risk of a painful testicle and […]

Sickle Cell Aid Foundation Voluteer... fulfilled to play her part.


The Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2010 to help increase awareness on Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) and to ensure that people living with this disorder have access to the quality healthcare that they deserve. Since the recognition and declaration of June 19th as the World Sickle Cell Day […]


Dry Eye Treatment – 12 Ways to relieve dry eye syndrome

Most ophthalmic diseases requires prompt and proper treatment, because the eyes are delicate. Dry eye treatment should be done by a specialist with the requisite competencies and experience. But before I delve into 12 awesome ways to relieve dry eyes syndrome, it is proper to give a brief run down of Dry Eye. Dry eye […]


World Cup Health Warnings… Take Precautions Now!!!

For football fans, the World Cup should be a time of fun with family and friends. But beware, experts say, it can also sicken or even kill you. This world cup health warning would reveal why. Research has pointed to a long list of hazards ranging from heart attacks and strokes, to unsafe sex, accidents, […]


Dry Eyes – Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome & Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye syndrome (also known as Dry Eyes) is caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. Consequences of dry eyes range from subtle but constant eye irritation to significant inflammation and even scarring of the front surface of the eye. In addition to being called dry […]


Public Health Advisory: Five Tips On Preventing Cholera Outbreaks – NCDC

Preventing Cholera Outbreaks is a herculean task, especially in developing economies like Nigeria, where basic health services are not enough for the populace. Government, with the help of private outfits, must then have to re-double their effort to grapple with the effects of recurrent  cholera outbreaks. The Nigeria Center for Disease Control NCDC, through a […]


Novartis Summit: Stroke, leading cause of preventable deaths in adults – Prof. Ogun

Novartis Summit: Consultant Physician/Neurologist at the Lagos State University College of Medicine/Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUCOM/LASUTH), Prof. Yomi Ogun, has called for more proactive efforts to optimize stroke prevention, noting that the condition is now a leading cause of preventable deaths in adults globally. Ogun, who delivered a paper on “Stroke Management in Nigeria […]


HIV Vaccine Development Feasible In Near Future, Says NACA

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) has said that although progress in Human Immuno-deficiency Virus, HIV vaccine development by the scientific community continues to raise hope that one day this feat will be achieved, a lot of work is still required. In a report by the Guardian, Nigerians especially those People Living […]


Ebola Update: Ebola Virus In DR Congo Getting Worst… Vaccination Underway

Ebola DR Congo may be getting worst with two of three Ebola patients who escaped quarantine in the Congo river port city of Mbandaka have died, the head of medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres’ (MSF) mission in the city said on Wednesday. The third patient was found alive and is currently under observation by MSF […]


Research: Obese People are more likely to smoke – WHO

A new research indicates that people who are genetically prone to being overweight have a higher risk of taking up smoking, World Health Organisation, WHO, scientists said. RECOMMENDED: Being Single Will Kill You Faster Than Obesity —Study How Obesity dulls the sense of taste – Study According to Dr. Paul Brennan, a genetic epidemiology expert […]


Ebola Outbreak Spreads To DR Congo City – WHO

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has spread to a city, the World Health Organisation said Thursday, raising concern the deadly virus may prove tougher to contain. “One new case of Ebola virus disease has been confirmed in Wangata, one of the three health zones of Mbandaka, a city of nearly 1.2 […]