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Being A Doctor Is Totally Worth It… Read This 4 Ravishing Reasons!!!

By now most of you would know that I love a good story that spurs inspirations in the mind of readers. Well, I came across this beautiful account on KevinMD and to share… Already this topic is gaining steam in more than one medical/doctor’s community. Views are split between the right-wingers who hold that they would be doctors in their next life, as against the left-wingers who insists that the professional is indeed not as noble as everyone believes.

Truth be told, i believe it is a mixture of both even though I would stand for the right-wingers. However, this account (a right wingers reasoning) posits four reasons why being a doctor is totally worth it.

Discussion groups amongst doctors entertain the question: ”Would I choose to be a doctor again?” What a daring and provocative question to ask!

We must be vigilant to avoid souring the future of medicine for prospects, and we need to address problems within the medical field. Let’s prevent the burgeoning ideology of young professionals that being a doctor isn’t worth it.

Here are four reasons why being a doctor is:

1. Becoming a doctor has long been an esteemed honor. As experts in science, biology, wholeness and wellness, doctors remain influential members of society. And they will continue to be the foremost authority on health and wellness for a long time.

2. Doctors invite themselves to experience other’s vulnerability. It’s an honor to be so intimately involved and dedicated to the exploration of creating well-being.

3. A doctor not only experiences the health and wellness of their patients but their sickness and ultimate death. This glimpse at mortality and the fragility of life that hone efforts to sanctify life and progress society. This awareness allows doctors to influence society for the better.

4. Doctors are part of a community which fosters support and creates social awareness that, indeed, doctors need rest just like anyone else.

Do you really agree with these reasons? No 4 still don’t feel so right tho.

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