I always love to hear new discoveries. This discovery is on the new inhalable Ebola Vaccine. Ebola Virus Disease have been killing tens of thousands of people especially in West Africa Subregion. Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Galveston discovered this aerosolized therapy for the disease. The aerosol drug can be given […]



14th July 2015 marks another historic day in the life of the Madonna University. This is especially so because it is happening in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the prestigious institution. Madonna University, Nigeria officially announced the Induction Ceremony of Inductee into the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria. wishes all the Inductee a wonderful ceremony […]

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This is not an alarmist post! It is a wake up post to our Policy makers and those in charge of affairs of our dear Nigeria. Virtual clinic shared this pictures that said it all!!! #Giantofafrica JOIN THE NEW BBM CHANNEL ON C0015D291… Its New And Refreshing

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3 Things You Must Get For Every School Child This Rainy Season

This is the month of July. The rains are usually at its peak or plateau. It has been rainy almost non ceaselessly since yesterday. It’s no surprise for us here in Nigeria. We can only hope ‘August Break’ comes as quick as possible. But in the meantime, we should protect the vulnerable ones in our […]

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PlusWorld Roofing Offers Quality Roof Maintenance And Good For Your Health

When I travel through some major Nigerian cities, the roof draws my attention. Some of these roof look dilapidated, rusty and generally lacking in beauty. A few others are so neat, clean, new and beautiful. I had cause to visit one of such places with a beautiful, clean roofing system. I could not hide my […]

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In a latest tweet earlier today, the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC), issue a rather funny looking warning. But it is a warning all the same and should be taken seriously please!!! NEVER USE WORN OUT TYRES… JOIN THE NEW BBM CHANNEL ON C0015D291… Its New And Refreshing

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Male or Female Doctor, Whom Do you Prefer?

‘I want to see a doctor’, that was her request. She had seemed quite well enlightened. Being a clinical student charged to be directing patients according to how they presented, I had told her to go into room 3. Clinic room 3 had on call a male medical officer that hot afternoon. She peeped through […]



Tribune News: USAID-sponsored Fistula care programme has established a centre to treat the adopted Chibok girls that are found to have been traumatised from rape, saying rape is a reason some young girls end up with Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) later in life. USAID’s funded Fistula Care plus country Project manager, Dr Habib Sadauki, stated […]


Before You Go For Blood Donation, You Should Know This

Over the past few days, there have been more and more violence, carnage and death recorded all across Nigeria. The cause of these wanton destruction of life and properties ranges from domestic violence, road traffic accidents, occupational accidents and terrorist attacks especially from the dreaded Boko Haram. But the underlying factor of all this set […]

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Underage Street Hawkers: May Not Need More Patronage

‘Buy pure water, buy pure water!!!’ The commonest commodity most underage hawkers may most likely be selling. This sight is a regular feature on major streets in major towns and cities in Nigeria. My friend was thirsty and had to get one of the pure water to assuage his thirst. He got me a sachet […]

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Association Of Resident Doctors: Basic Trauma Skill Workshop In 2 Days

The Association of Resident Doctors in Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson bring this workshop to resident doctors and medical officers interested in enhancing their surgical skills. This is part on their OGM 2015. Applicants can apply following the details on the flyer provided or if you have further questions call these numbers, 08033079862 or 08037778664. […]


Female Doctors Raped By Robbers In Calabar

Daily Trust News: Two female doctors were raped at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) when armed robbers invaded the health care centre, Chairman of Resident Doctors Association at the hospital, Dr Ikechukwu Ukweh said. Addressing journalists, he said that was one of the reasons they embarked on an indefinite strike. He said the […]


See New Approved List Of Institutuon Offering Dentistry In Nigeria.

I got an anonymous email earlier today from a secondary school student; he still calls himself a secondary school student since he still attends afternoon lessons for JAMB examination. He wanted to know about the institutions in Nigeria offering Dentistry as an undergraduate course in school. I referred him to the Medical and Dental Council […]


Nigeria’s Cheapest Teaching Hospital Joins In Serial Strike Action

These strike actions, organised by different professional health bodies, erupting in pockets across Nigeria is really an eye opener. The latest one is coming from The University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH). It is even coming from none other than the Chief Medical Director, Dr Thomas Agan. The Punch Newspaper quoted him as saying UCTH […]