NOT AGAIN!!!: LUTH Doctors Go On Warning Strike

Read what the Punch Newspaper is reporting; The Association of Resident Doctors, Lagos University Teaching Hospital chapter, Idi-Araba, Lagos has begun a three-day warning strike over the non- reversal of the skipping policy for doctors working at the hospital. The LUTH ARD Chairman, Dr. Moronkola Ramon, who declared the three-day warning strike during a protest […]


61 New Madonna University Doctors Swears-In Today

For a long time, these new inductees into the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, have waited patiently for these day. Madonna University, Nigeria, presents to the world another batch of quality doctors, trained in an environment that upholds dignity in morals and learning. Later today, the provost of the College of Medicine, Madonna University […]


Madonna University Set To Induct Another Batch of Doctors!!!

EXCLUSIVE: The foremost private university in Nigeria, Madonna University, Nigeria has announced plans to conduct an induction ceremony for her just-graduated medical students, into the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, the official body of the Federal Government. All road would lead to the Elele Campus of the Prestigious, Madonna University Nigeria, where the occasion […]


The Ophthalmologist,The Optometrist, The Optician; Understand The Uniqueness!!!

Human being are truly a complex being. Complexity, in the sense that our needs are endless. Endless as it may seem, our priorities must never be misplaced, or misinterpreted. Key among the priorities of any functional community, with a proactive leadership, is the health of the populace. Health, according to the World Health Organisation, is […]


Nigeria Optometric Students Charged To Conquer The world

NOSA CONFERENCE, IMSU 2015 The annual conference and annual general meeting of the Nigeria Optometric Student Association came to an end over the weekend. This student professional body truly depict what the future holds for us, as professional. I was ably invited to the 4-day event by Comrade Domike Princewill, President, Madonna University Chapter of […]


Why You Must Be Wary, Tuberculosis Is Real

He had a nose mask running across his face. I was not sure, so I decided to confirm this elderly looking patient’s diagnosis. It is Tuberculosis. This is what a normal Tuesday clinic looks like. Most Tuberculosis patient report for a check in this day. The crowd can be astounding, and people of all age […]

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Who Loses When A Patient Becomes Impatient

Imagine a busy general out-patient department (GOPD), where patients scheduled to see the doctor, as a follow-up to initial visit, far outstrip patients presenting on a first time basis. Imagine where the doctor-to-patient ratio is usually more than 1:500, depending on the centre. Imagine where the facilities, built over 10 years ago is expected to […]

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Join DoctorsQuarters.com As A Professional Health/Medical Blogger

I was doing some research on my next post when a DoctorsQuarters.com reader sent in an email requesting to be a writer for this blog. I thought it was a brilliant idea because I have read some of his books already published by a renowned publisher based in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. My immediate […]

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The illness behaviour patients should have

Funny as it may sound, this is true. Patients who eventually get well, show a similar illness behaviour, though individualised. Illness behaviours are ways symptoms are perceived, evaluated and acted upon by one who perceived or recognised the symptom, which could be pain, discomfort or other signs of organic malfunction. Illness behaviour is usually determined […]

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Insanity Reigns In A Federal Hospital

The reasons for this particular protest has long been in the public domain. In the story is a woman, an allied health group, a medical institution, and the general public. Between these principal actors is chaos. The accounts of different events in the story is dependent on which group you stand for. The medical institution […]


Breaking News: FMC Owerri Allied Health Workers On Protest Now…

Federal Medical Centre Owerri workers are on a peaceful protest now as they chant union songs along the streets of Owerri. The members of the Allied Health Workers Association, FMC Owerri Chapter are the organisers of the protest. Though peaceful, but our photographer was accosted and threatened if he does not delete the photos he […]

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International College of Surgeons: 49th AGM and Scientific Conference

 The International College of Surgeons, Nigeria National Section, is billed to have its 49th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference at the Hotel Presidential, Port-Harcourt, on 16th-17th of June, 2015. The Theme for this year’s event is “Burden of Cancers in Nigeria”. Also, the guest lecture at the event is Eruchalu Memorial Lecture. Surgeons at […]