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West African College of Surgeons 16th Health Management and Ethics Course 2019

West African College of Surgeons Presents 16th Health Management and Ethics Course for Fellows, Resident Doctors and Healthcare Providers.   Date: 15th – 16th January, 2019   Venue: Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan, Ibadan   Time: 8am-6pm daily   Mode: Distance Learning and In-person Non-residential  The distance learning aspect of this course should be completed by the participants in the four weeks leading […]


The full list of successful candidates UCTH Internship Screening Exam

This is a cheery news for all candidates who sat for the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital UCTH Internship Screening Exams. We gladly congratulate all successful candidates… Contact us if you further clarifications. JOIN THE NEW BBM CHANNEL ON C0015D291… Its New And Refreshing

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I Hate Strike Action… I hate UNTH & LUTH.

Hospitals are supposed to be places of solace for the sick, the vulnerable, and for all who seek her service. It should be like the inseparability of the heat of the sun from the rays of the sun, patients should not be separated from a hospital. Strike-action is arguably the predominant factor that separates patients […]

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Why patients lie to their doctors

When your doctor asks how often you exercise, do you give her an honest answer? How about when she asks what you’ve been eating lately? If you’ve ever stretched the truth, you’re not alone. 60 to 80 percent of people surveyed have not been forthcoming with their doctors about information that could be relevant to […]

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NPMCN: January 2019 Diploma in Family Medicine Examination

This announcement is as a matter of urgency for Family Medicine Professionals. National Postgraduate Medical College announces the commencement of registration for the 2018 Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine Examination. OUTLINE: Date:    Tuesday, January 15, 2019:  Paper I – MCQ Venue: College Auditorium, NPMCN, Ijanikin Time:    9.00 am to 12.00 noon Date:     Wednesday, […]

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How to Register for 2019 Annual Practice License in 4-Steps.

Kindly follow these 4 steps, one at a time, for a successful registration of your Annual Practice License for 2019. This is courtesy Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. Members are also reminded to have a printout. STEP 1: Visit the MDCN website and set up your profile page (if you haven’t done so previously). […]

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MDCN-NMA Be Careful. You are short of having a revolution in your hands

Twitter is swirling and fuming like a raging storm. Well maybe not all of Twitter, but Nigerian doctors on Twitter are expressing their displeasure over a new “Building levy” they are made to pay before their 2019 License will be processed. The new Nigerian Medical Association Building Levy is N20,000. It is being backed by […]

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Social Media Voce: Victoria Beckham stands tall as #WorldAIDSDay is celebrated

Today on Social Media Voce, we remember the titbits of the World AIDS Day, celebrated around the world yesterday. A host of dignitaries, world leaders, mega brands, celebrities, and simpletons added their voice on a day the United Nations have carved out to remember all victims, alive or dead, of the deadly virus… December 1 […]

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Nurses End of the Year Party/Dinner 2018

In an unusual feat of solidarity, a Nurse plans to host all Nurses in Lagos State to a Christmas Get-together and End-of-Year party. Mr. Biodun is the Founder of NJO – a company dedicated to improving the welfare and opportunities for Nurses. Dear esteemed Nurse, we cordially invite you to come to unwind, catch fun, […]


World AIDS Day: “Rather than get a Quickie, get tested today” – DKT Intl Nigeria

Getting tested for HIV is faster than getting a quickie; It doesn’t take as long but you can cum out relieved or armed with the right knowledge to improve your health” Knowing your HIV status is very vital for your well being and not knowing your status is like a lady who does not know when her […]


Global Survey: 20% of Clinicians Uncomfortable with Gay Patients

Many cite their religious beliefs and say they influence patient care About one-fifth of clinicians responding to an international survey said felt unprepared to treat gay patients and some indicated that their own religious beliefs about homosexuality affect the care they give. Results from the survey of more than 10,000 physicians, nurses, medical and nursing […]


Lassa Fever: 1st International Conference on Lassa Fever Holds in Jan 2019.

I came across a cheery news on Lassa Fever. It is quite unusual to associate Lassa fever with any cheery news. Just wait for it… It is the very first International Conference on Lassa Fever. You may know it or not, but it has been almost 50 Years of Lassa Fever being discovered. Hence this conference comes […]


A patient waits. And waits.

PATIENT WEEPS: I sit before you and others like you, in silence, anxious about what I might be told. You deliver a litany of questions to my countenance as I sit in a chair beside you. Your attention is diverted to the cold and detached computer screen where my responses are entered without you ever […]


2 Reasons why this new Doctor would only take night calls for now.

She is the department’s Senior House Officer, with days and nights of call duties. She got only 2 days left before the end of her one-year internship program and have expressed concerns about how the next few months would look like. Like most of her predecessor, Dr. Olu is upbeat about completing the program. But […]


Job Vacancy: Registrars, Medical Officers, Pharmacists Needed @ OAUTHC, Ile-Ife.

In this episode of Job Vacancy, I want to quickly announce that the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex has released the dates for her interview for some critical posts in the hospital. Recently there have been vacancies in these positions hence I was not surprised at these announcements. I also expect House officers vacancies […]