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Authentic Blood Donors understand the Myths and Facts in Blood Donation.

It was a few days ago when the world celebrated World Blood Donor Day.

World Blood Donors day recognizes the special role and sacrifices Blood donors play to save countless lives.

Blood Donation is a key component in the treatment of patients who have lost significant amount of Blood, or whose blood is not sufficient to supply oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

This requires that appropriate blood donors be on hand to freely donate some blood.

Last year 2018, we highlighted some Myths and Facts of Blood Donation bedevilling the sustenance of blood donation practice in Nigeria.

Now, Avon HMO have identified some common Myths of Blood Donation and dispels same with some Facts.

Blood Donation Myths & Facts


MYTH:- Blood Donation Hurts?

BEHIND THE FACTS:- The reality is that the blood donation needle is quite big – yea, bigger than the normal needles used in the ward.

The bore size has to be that size to allow blood flow freely, and quickly into the blood bag. There is usually an initial pain when the needme is to be inserted, but after this, the whole process is smooth and painless.


MYTH: Blood Donation weakens you?

BEHIND THE FACTS:- Usually about 500mls of Blood is taken from a donor. Except if there is an underlying abnormality, most donors never get weak.

For those who may get weak, or feel dizzy, taking drinks like Malt, eating and resting will take care of the weakness.


MYTH: Blood Donation is not for women?

BEHIND THE FACTS: The unique physiology of women may have enabled the unscientific thinking that blood donation is not for women.

Provided a woman is not pregnant, lactating, anemic or suffering from haemoglobin reducing medical condition, she can freely donate blood.



MYTH: Blood Donation is time consuming?

BEHIND THE FACT: Minus the time when you would be advised to be strong and be not afraid, the whole process of Blood Donation lasts about 30 minutes to 45 minutes.



MYTH: A blood donor is prone to infection

BEHIND THE FACT: One of the rules to being a blood donor is to be free from some infections like HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis etc.

Every blood donor has to be literally ‘clean’ for the process to be done.

Conclusion –

June 14 have been assigned the official day for World Blood Donors day. We encourage more people to consider being a regular donor to save more lives.

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