Against Depression And Suicide – StarDoc Lyrics are soothing and real

“He passed on last night!”

Like a ripple, this best describes the increasing wave of suicide and depression in the population.

Almost in all cases, the signs go unnoticed. The victim is left to paddle through the murky waters of depression, and be expected to be at par with others.

Men have a greater propensity at suicide, but it women who would eventually carry through with suicide.

A Surgical Senior Registra once told me that “A kind word or action to a ‘victim’, is enough to pull him/her from the precipice”.

It is for this reason, I value the latest words and work of Dr Ibe Chiemezie also know as Star Doc – IG, @startdocofficial.

Star Doc
Big shout out to Rogers
Turn my microphone on
Give them Hope

Verse 1
I know life can be hard like say na concrete
Month don end , salary no complete
You work day and night, but to chop, you no fit
Abi Na to bone legit, begin dey run street ?
Just got duped in a million naira business deal
Papa dey sick , no money to pay hospital bill
Hunger so real , can’t afford a meal
The future looks so hopeless, the thoughts can kill
Depression is real
The pressure can kill
I’ve been down that road , so I know how it feels
You’ve got so much pain, that it leaves you numb
You’ve got so much to say that it leaves you dumb
And when you talk about it they don’t understand
They see a man cry , they say “no dey fall hand”
Life’s tasteless like soup without condiment
But suicide no be option, don’t end it yet

In a world full of sorrow
I’ll be an agent of hope
Forget the past and face tomorrow
i’ll find the strength to cope
And if I see my brother struggling, or my sister too
I’ll lend a helping hand
cos we’re all fighting battles hard
so it’s good we play our part
to help each other stand
Give them hope

My hands wide open , I am here to give you hope
Then take away the poison and take away the rope
Me I no dey bobo you , this one no be scope
I don’t do it for the gram , I don’t do it for the show
I do it for the love that I’ve got for you bro
I had to hit the studio, just so you know
That you’re one of a kind , the best of your kind
There’s gonna be a turn around soon and you are next in line
Stay strong hang on we’re here with you
You are not alone in the fight , I say we fight with you
Like Soldiers
I’m Out here chilling with Rogers
This guy made the beat and he made the chorus
There’s more to life and yours is far from over
Today na Leggediz , tomorrow Toyota
You gonna look back someday when you’re older
And be glad that you did not pull that trigger

Chorus (x2)

Lyrics by Star Doc

He was, like so many medical doctors, a victim of depression. It is proven that burnout among physicians is real, and this reality is becoming increasingly common among medical students.

StarDoc, in collaboration with his colleague Dr Enemugwem Rogers – IG, @brorogers, launched a musical piece that rings deep in the hearts of all who genuinely feel concerned for the plight of victims of depression and suicide.

The music sends out a message of hope and love to the depressed, with the aim of breaking the recurring chain of suicide.

DOWNLOAD The Free Audio File Here: HOPE – StarDoc Ft Rogers

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