Abia State records new Lassa Fever – Nigerians take note!!!

Lassa Fever is Back.

This time a new index case has been reported in Abia State.

In a Press Release from the Office of the Honorable Commissioner for Health – Dr Joe Osuji, the general public’s attention is being warned of an outbreak of Lassa Fever in the state.

The State government however encourage the public on the best sanitary measures to be taken to avoid the spread of the Lassa Fever.

“To this end, Abians are advised to get rid of rodents within their environment, wash their hands regularly, keep the environment clean, avoid soaking and drinking of raw Gerri, warm their food before eating and report to the hospitals and Primary Health Care Centres in case of any emergency”.

Members of the public are admonished to carry on with their normal lives as the outbreak has been contained.

Full script of the Press Release is pasted below;

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