There may be different ways through which a social media doctor reaches his/her patients, but one of such ways is via social networking sites. This is what really defines this new breed of doctor especially in a country where the use of social media, and the Internet in general, have a great potential.

It is true, that patients need solution to their ailment; that they tend to seek this solution more from unconventional sources. The conventional sources have been either from books, or getting answers directly from a hospital or any health facility. But with the advent of social networking sites, blogs, discussion fora, patients have gradually turned their gaze to this new source for their health care.


The Internet space is so unregulated, and may be rightly so. But it seems there are not enough professionals to nudge patients in the right direction. I dare say that patients may just be moving in the opposite direction if they are not ‘met’.

This is where social media doctors, nurses, pharmacist, optometrist etc come in. They could serve as a guide to ensure that patients get the best out of every option they decide to choose. I also believe that with time, social media doctors would offer much more than it seems.

It is on this footing I asked this pertinent question, ‘Can a social media doctor, afford to be offline?’ The question begs no further answer, for it is a simple, ‘NO’. He should never toil with his social media presence.


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