According to the Centre For Disease Control and Prevention, everyday 10 people drown to death; 2 of those deaths are from children under the age of 14 years.

Silent Signs of Drowning:

1. Person is unable to call for help and may be quiet because his or her mouth sinks below and reappears just above the water’s surface. It doesn’t give them enough time to exhale and inhale, let alone to call out for help.

2. Person’s head is low in the water and their face is difficult to see with his or her mouth at water level. An adult’s head may be tilted back with their mouth open, while a child’s head may fall forward.

3. Person remains upright in the water with no evidence of kicking. There is only a 20- to 60-second window before the drowning person is unable to stay above the surface and eventually submerges under water.

4. Person may not seem to be in distress. Sometimes a person may just seem to be looking up at the sky, shore, pool deck, or dock, which is why it’s important to ask if they’re OK. If the person responds with a blank stare, they may only have 30 seconds left to be save.

Unlike others, the child you see in the video footage below, was rescued on time; actually in less than 15 seconds. This video has, since its release, recorded over 15 million view.



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