I was speaking to a long lost secondary school friend yesterday. She had gotten my number from my Google account. We had spoken fondly of our days back in school. We were quite close sha, having served as prefects in Command Secondary School Ipaja, Lagos. We talked for a long time, and it pained me I had to go. But before she cut the call, a call straight from London, she put this question across.

“What do medical equipment do you think I should get for my new home?”

I would tell you exactly what I told her. Medical equipment is a necessity in every home that can afford it. For some of these equipments, you do not have to be a trained person before you get them. They save you a lot just having them and using them. Patients are advised to be proactive when it comes to their health. The very first sign that you care for your health and that of the members of your household, are these simple equipments.

Every household should have a WEIGHING MACHINE. This is particularly true for new families who would soon be welcoming new members, that is babies. You would want to have at least a Stadiometer for children less than 5 years or the bathroom weighing scale for adults and children more than 5 years of age. With this weighing machine you can objectively say when your child or any other member of your household have added on weight, especially when you take their weight periodically.

Another equipment that should be in all households is the CLINICAL OR MERCURY-IN-GLASS THERMOMETER. I remember vividly while growing up, it was always present in my parents closet. This thermometer could be used to check the temperature of members of your family who complain of a fever. It is objective, and most doctors take more seriously patients who tell them they check the temperature of their sick family member. It is a big sign for us!!!

The next equipment every household must have is a FIRST AID KIT. The components of a first aid kit helps every family member to be without injuries, cuts, bruises etc. The households where I have seen these first aid kit, the mother is usually in possession of the kit. You would not have to visit a “chemist’ or a hospital for a condition as little as a cut, if you have your First Aid Kit. First Aid Kits come in handy, when you would like to stabilize the injury pending when you get to the hospital for proper care. It is used for burns, cuts, fall. drowning, etc.

I daresay that these 3 Medical Items are relatively inexpensive, depending on the part of the country you reside. You would be surprised that the total cost of the 3 articles would not be up to 3000 naira, a price that is a far cry from what you may spend if you go to any private hospital.

So make up your mind today and keep your family ever healthy, fit and stronger.


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