“The time is ticking out. Only those who keenly observe the hand of time, know the time is NOW!!”

It started out as an urge; the urge to effectively and efficiently give back, no matter how little it might have seemed. I have always had this notion that one must begin to add value, despite not having much, to his immediate society. Then maybe spread to creating an impact in the world. This was how berth of Doctors Quarters.

The whole process took about 6-8 months; I had to research on what it meant to be a good and efficient blogger. I contacted some of my teachers and Professors who were willing to mentor and serve as patrons for me. I remember quite vividly, a lecturer promised to use his clout of contacts to contribute to the richness of Then I reached out to other well established bloggers (though of different niches), and I thought their advice and directions were indispensable.

It was with that same gusto and zeal, that I promised to give back to the society and the world at last. So I thought that since I started so strongly, with a lot of supports, contacts, professionals and friends at my disposal, why should be like every other health or medical blog.

With only a few months blogging on my self hosted account, recognitions and commendations started flowing in. The first and foremost recognition came from Click Here to read more about Konga Verifies As Leading Health Blog In Nigeria. Other recognitions from keys persons and bodies came sooner.

Now, it becomes clear why has remains Nigeria’s fastest growing health/medical blog for the following reasons;

  1. remains Nigeria’s first health/medical blog with health professionals being on the team as writers. It is our belief that every health profession and/or specialty should be represented on the team.
  2. Because we have different professionals represented on our team, we are best able to service as a one stop point for all the relevant health information and services there is to offer. True professionalism is one of the pillars of our trade!
  3. Our posts are tailored to give back to you, the reader. We have started a culture where Nigerians can get verifiable information that would help build their life and keep them healthy and strong.

These three points are the reasons loyal readers have given. They believe, like we believe, that everyone especially Nigerians should key into our vision and mission to stay informed and remain healthy.


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