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#SocialMediaVoce: Why are they trying to depopulate Africa using AIDS and Ebola.

This week on Social Media Voce, I ‘ll be sharing my response to a my Quora Question – “Why are they trying to depopulate Africa using AIDS and Ebola?” Thousands of readers have gone through my response and I thought it would be valuable for you as well. Feel free to also add your contributions […]

Medico Physician

The Health Hub Births Nigeria’s First House Officers Guide – Mint Stethoscope.

The name says a lot about this new e-book launched yesterday by the Health Hub – Mint Stethoscope. Mint Stethoscope was a product of intensive research and contribution by resource persons, who are members of the Health Hub. It sounds like MINT money – new notes. Mint Stethoscope – New Stethoscope. It is a representation […]

The Professional

Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria Holds Her 92nd Annual National Conference.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria PSN is set to hold her Annual National Conference in the ancient Crocodile City – tagged, Crocodile City 2019. Theme: Navigating the Wings of Change in Professional Practice in a Volatile Economy. Venue: Kaduna Trade Fair Centre, Zaria Road, Kaduna Date:  Monday 4th November to Saturday 9th November 2019 JOIN THE NEW BBM […]