Nigeria Among 5 African Country to benefit from the largest Cholera campaign in History.

Cholera remains a major issue in many parts of Africa despite spirited efforts to eliminate the disease cause by bacteria, Vibrio cholerae. The World Health Organization, WHO’s work in this area was recently vitalized to reach more areas and persons with the hope that this puts the brake on the infection. Now, no fewer than […]


Press Release: Codeine Central Working Group Recommendation On Abuse of the Opioid.

Codeine an opioid drug similar to morphine, hitherto formulated as over-the counter medicines was reclassified as prescription-only-medicine in 2013. However, the safety concerns around the use, misuse and abuse of codeine containing preparations (especially cough syrups), tramadol and other related substances of abuse are well documented and are assuming frightening dimensions. UNFORTUNATELY, THERE IS NO ENDEMIC COUGH IN […]