Exercising is a serious matter and must be taken seriously. Doctors sometimes recommend exercise as therapy in the treatment for some conditions. It would make sense if we get it right whenever we are involved in this business of exercise.
I thought it appropriate to share a few tips on getting the best out of the exercises we do. Remember, the length of time may not matter as much as getting the best out of it. Hope the following tips would help you achieve success as you exercise;

1. Choose activities that are fun; for the more fun it is, the more likely you are to stick to it
2. Variety is the spice of life; find different forms of exercise that you love to avoid monotony, like cycling, swimming, weight carrying, group exercise etc…  The rule is that you should MIX IT UP.
3. Watch the time. Pick the best time suitable for you, either before work or very early in the morning.
4. Keep a record of your activities. Reward your self whenever you achieve tasks set by you. Believe me, it keeps you going.
5. Adapt a healthy lifestyle. Short term lifestyle and exercises do not usually last. Exercising should be a long term thing.
6. Do not be too hard on yourself. Always find a way to carry out lost periods. Never push too hard.
7. Stay entertained. During each workout, you could use your favourite music or tape.
8. Surround yourself with supportive people. Look out for those with similar goals in your gym, or it may be a friend, family or any body or thing that makes you go on.
9. Slow and steady wins the race. Always start from slow, then to moderate then to more strenous activity as you become more fit. You dont want severe medical complication arising.
10. Avoid being lazy. While i recommend not pushing yourself too hard, being lazy is equally not wanted. Learn to strike a balance between 9 and 10. Gradually work yourself to that perfect fitness you long desire. IT IS WORTH A TRY..

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Dr. E is a Medical Doctor and Writer. He received his Medical Degree from the Prestigious Madonna University, Nigeria and certifications from multiple other internationally recognized bodies including YALA-Aileen Getty School of Journalism as a Citizen Journalist. He currently practices clinical medicine but also creates and develops medical/health content for organizations. He is the Principal Writer and Editor-in-Chief for DoctorsQuarters.com


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