I have always known that Ondo State is different. It was over fifteen years ago, and I stoll see the pictures clearly, that I began to admire the Ondo state. Then, I had gone to sit for the Nigerian Navy Secondary school entrance examination. I got nice grades from the entrance examination, but for the distance, I would have been a beneficiary of the good things in Ondo State.

At the moment, confusion reigns. Some believe that Akwa Ibom should be Nigeria’s next medical tourism destination; others are ready to put a huge sum on Ondo state. For me, it is neither here. Let us spare Akwa Ibom State for now, after all it is not my subject matter.

Despite all the successes recorded by Governor Mimiko as he drive his state to a height like never before, I fear it may just be a flash in the pan, except he scales some hurdles. Hurdles which experts believe, are not insurmountable.

As Governor, he conceived the idea of a Medical Village. The medical village which is well equipped with state-of-the-art health facilities is located in Ondo Town, encompassing about 4 kilometers from the city of Akure and 116 kilometres from Benin. It is like a network, comprising, a complex maze of personnels, facilities, extensive to and fro referral system.

I have taken my time to peruse all that Governor Mimiko of Ondo State have done, and I must commend the vision, since already it is producing results. When in November 28, 2013 the Governor set up the Ondo State Trauma and Surgical centre, commenced clinical and surgical services at the time with the following specialties; Orthopaedics and Trauma, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Anaesthesia and General surgery. It has since continued to improve and augment services, infrastructure and personnel to include Paediatric Surgery, Urology, Maxillo – facial Sugery and Opthalmology. The centre has carried out over 3000 surgeries as at November 2015.

My studies and conversations with some indigenes, have shown that the whole system is built, like an albatross that would fly long and far into the distance. This is so because the records shows nothing different.

It is true that the Nigerian system, most times, seems to be programmed on auto-self destruct. But this may just not be the case for Ondo state. There is hope, especially amongst residents of the state that, “at last some thing good have been done”. With its focused, conscious steps I believe Ondo State would be Nigeria’s Next Medical Tourism Destination Of Choice for all.

Already, it has begun before our eye!!!

See jaw dropping photos of the facilities across the state;

Ondo state 1 Ondo state 2

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