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You know at a point I was also thinking the same thing. How is it possible that after taking a bath or a shower and you clean up and then your towel is dirty? Is it that you didn’t shower well or what? But then, I did some really deep thinking and came up with some reasons why our towels get dirty when we just use them to clean our ‘supposed’ washed bodies.

1. We actually tie our towels before we shower

Most of us in our houses or where we reside have our bathrooms away from our bedrooms, so under normal circumstances, we would tie our towels to the bathroom. But the here is the funny thing, we are tying clean towel over our ‘not neat’ bodies, and then when we are through, we still use the same towel to clean up. This is , in most cases, inevitable. Most people who can afford to have a bathrobe, wear it to the bathroom and then use a separate towel to clean up. If some had their way, they would go in ‘butt naked’.


Parts of Our Body We Miss Out Whenever We Take A Bath… Num 4. will Shock You

2. We don’t scrub well

When taking a bath, some people just use soap to wash with out a sponge. If you don’t use a sponge to wash, you might not come out as clean as you had intended to. So it is advised to use a sponge while taking your bath.  Even when using a medicated soap or antiseptic solution,we assume we are clean enough, but then, these solutions and soaps only kill germs and other organisms on the skin and render them harmless, but doesn’t scrub them away.

3. We miss washing some parts of our bodies.

This is really common especially when we are trying to run a quick bath. We miss our ears, our toes,  and even sometimes our armpits. It is essential to take note of washing the private parts and our armpits well, reason being that these part have sweat glands that produces sweat for bacteria that gives off the acrid odor.

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Bridget Williams
I am a Content Writer at Doctorsquaters. A Graduate with a degree in Public Health from Madonna University, Elele, Rivers State. I am from kaduna State. I love music, singing, playing badminton, movies, anime, cartoons and books. I love fitness and I am an Advocate for Women health and well being. I am a very friendly person and like meeting people.