Which is the most horrifying thing/disease you have seen in your medical career? (N.B – Disturbing Graphics)

Hello? This is a question for everybody, especially for medical/health experts. This question was asked in my Quora community and answers are already pouring in… However, one answer strikes uniquely. It was sent in by user Venkataram who works at Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry.

You will find his answer quite horrifying yet educating… Enjoy!!!

I have seen a fair share of horrifying and truly disturbing stuff in my short career so far . From infected diabetic wounds with maggots crawling out to femur fractures with fecal matter coming out of the fracture site (you can Google it, there is a paper published from my institute).

But what truly disturbed me is not the disease itself but it’s management (or its lack thereof). This case being the most recent I attended is still fresh in my memory and hence I am sharing it.

Can you guess what part of the body that is?? No.. Here is another picture.

I guess now it’s more in profile. It’s the lower Abdomen and pelvis of a young male. Thats no ordinary swelling. Its a malignant mass growing from the pelvic bone. That’s truly enormous in size if it can fill out the pelvic cavity and come into the Abdomen. To put things in perspective an adult pelvis can hold about 2500 cc of blood. It’s that voluminous. Imagine the volume of the cancer mass if it can grow out of the pelvis into the Abdomen.

It’s a relatively slow growing malignancy of the bone known as chondrosarcoma. It started as a small mass in his hip joint 6 years back. A combination of poverty, ignorance, belief in unproven alternative medicine has led to the current state now.

What should have been an easily resectable mass with very less morbidity is now going to claim his life. He is now staring at certain death. All at the age of 31. A truly horrifying condition.


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