W.H.O Shocker: Somebody Dies Every 6 Seconds From Diabetes…

Every 6 seconds, someone out of an estimated 382 million people living with diabetes globally, will die from diabetes related complication, World Health Organisation (WHO) Coordinator, Lagos, Dr. Omoniyi Abidoye, said.
Speaking during a media roundtable in commemoration of the World Health Day in Lagos, organized by Nigeria Health Online (NHO), an african online health newspaper, in collaboration with Roche Products Limited and Rainbow Specialist Medical Centre, Dr. Abidoye, declared that the condition is now a global health concern, with 8-10% of the cases found in Nigeria. “The number of people living with diabetes is set to double in the next 20 years as a result of increase in obesity and decrease in longevity.
While about 175million people with diabetes are undiagnosed, many more are developing complications”, he said. According to him, the condition is estimated to cost 548 billion dollars (11% of total health spending on adult), so there is a need to braise up and intensify awareness on diabetes.
The event, held at Roche office Lagos, was declared open by the Minister of Health Prof. Issac Adewole, represented by the Chief Medical Director of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Prof. Chris Bode. In his speech, Prof. Adewole, explained that early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes will help prevent socio-economic loss from the condition.
While maintaining that parents help lay foundation for diabetes in childhood by giving their children more fast foods and sugary drinks, he called for emphasis on healthy meals. “We need to start teaching our children about healthy food habits.
Diabetes is a silent killer that does not manifest physically until it is too late”, he said. For treatment and follow up, he said the condition requires personal commitment from the individual, while government and stakeholders need to come up with innovative ways of financing the cost of the condition.
“Industries involved in diabetes care need to lower the cost of products, government need to strengthen the second tier of health care to cope with routine screening and treatment while tertiary hospitals must be ready to cope with complications of diabetes such as renal and cardiovascular issues”, he added.
By: Franka Osakwe
National Mirror News

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