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Visit Your Dentist Regularly… Expert Gives Reasons. (MUST READ)

IMG_20150721_093755_edit_edit IMG_20150721_093755_edit_editIn my experience as a clinical student posted to top notch medical facilities in the country, with very sound Professors and Consultants as teachers, I have come to find that patients tend to seek medical attention for an ailment they cannot understand, for ailment they find distressing and more especially (for this I cannot explain), for ailments they think is an ailment.

This is to say that, if patient A have a contusion and do not regard it as a major problem, then he ll never seek medical attention. This must be the strange reason why dental pathologies are neglected.

As a human being, you should visit your dentist at least twice a year. Your teeth is as important as your other body parts. Are you aware that you should change their tooth brush every three months and desist from using tooth pick which has adverse effect on the teeth and the gum.

Experts at an event some days ago, at a project organised by the Rotary Club of Nigeria, Ikeja-Central district, advised that we must be alive to our oral health.

 “People go for eye and all kinds of medical check up but often neglect oral and dental care which gave rise to organizing this project which is the first of its kind in this Club and perhaps in the entire District.

 “We want to ensure this project is held annually for more people to benefit from this important exercise which many people have not been paying proper attention to”
Teeth are very hard substance in the mouth and the normal set of teeth is 32 with 16 up and 16 down. In the case where we have extra teeth, we remove the extra which we call supernumerary. There is also what we call gingivitis caused by gum infection that sometimes manifest through swollen gum and this is generally caused by negligence of not taking care of the teeth.
“Campaign like “do not remove your tooth” is not synonymous with rightful medical recommendation to teething problems as proper thing for patient is to visit the dentist where he or she would be given options based on the problem.
It is either the tooth is treated if it can still be managed or removed but the last thing is removal or extraction and the vacuum created could be filled either temporarily or permanently according to the desire and the purse of the patient.
Make the big move today… Start by changing that your old toothbrush and then make a resolve to see your local dentist soonest… Time Waits For No One!!!

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