Everyone see themselves as having class, high level standards or manners. In the mist of all these, there are some things people do and don’t even know they do them. Although some know but think they are not necessary. But am here to tell you this, if you are doing any of these just like that, then you would really have to change them.

1. Spitting

This is a normal reflex used by the body remove sputum which is formed from regurgitation or from the nasal cavity as catarrh. Spitting is not wrong, but spitting in or at the wrong places is wrong. Its terrible that someone has to see you sputum after you have dropped it, especially those who spit on the main roads. That is why gutters were made. Some other just have the habit of spitting anyhow at any foul smell that comes across them. It can controlled. We shouldn’t allow our bodies control us but we should control it.

2. Shuffling of feet while walking

This is one habit which is common amongst the ladies. This is a bad habit because it draws attention and leaves good mannered people wondering how OK your manners are. Some do It when they want to stand up. It causes a lot of noise and gives off the impression that you are sluggish. Sometimes it leaves me wondering how the sole of their shoes would be. Changing this habit would save your shoes a lot of wear and tear and earn you a lot of respect.

3. Slouching

This is an improper sitting position and is characterized by one leaning into their chair and their buttocks halfway out of the chair. This sitting position is the easiest way to get backache and sometimes neck-pains. For singers, this is a terrible sitting position as it will obstruct the free flow of breath and sound. The best sitting position is to sit upright with your back straight and legs together for it will improve posture and give your body confidence.

4. Chewing gum

I love chewing gum especially the mint-flavored ones. Its gives me the fresh breath-feel. I read somewhere that it boosts salivary secretion, but then, where you chew it and how you chew it matters. The way you chew shows people how seriously they should take you. Its unethical to chew gum in public areas such as churches, meetings, classrooms and lecture halls. It serves as a major distraction to you and if its noisy, to people around you. Chewing gum for a long period can give headaches and cause tiredness especially during reading or studying hours.

5. Sighing and hissing
I would not go all the way to explain this, but you know what i am talking about. We hiss or sigh occasionally but where there is a problem, is when it is done publicly especially in meetings and other important gatherings. Well, no one would call you to beat or flog you, but you have already created an impact on those addressing. Most times we are addicted to it, we do it unconsciously and then it is now a conditioned reflex. When asked we deny because out brains have already registered that as a reflex and we don’t even know if we did it or not.

6. Side comments
There is nothing wrong with sharing ideas in a gathering. But the right ideas matter not the funny ones. But come to think of it , at that moment, you have distracted yourself, the person who you are sharing your comments with and also if its in a little gathering, you are also distracting the speaker. At the end you missed the message within that space of time and would have to ask some else to tell you what was said.

7. Yawning and sneezing
These are all natural reflexes. But at the same times are the fastest to spread air borne infections and others. they may not be easily controlled but they can be managed. that is why i would recommend the use of handkerchiefs or hand towels so you don’t end up sneezing on you boss or manager.

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Bridget Jamil-Gaiya

I am a Content Writer at Doctorsquaters. A Graduate with a degree in Public Health from Madonna University, Elele, Rivers State. I am from kaduna State. I love music, singing, playing badminton, movies, anime, cartoons and books. I love fitness and I am an Advocate for Women health and well being. I am a very friendly person and like meeting people.