When I visited the Facebook fan page and I saw how some fans were sending in some messages about the effects of a sudden change in temperature of the atmosphere on them, I thought to myself, “this is so true”. Over the past few days, I have been feeling particularly desirous of putting on wears that would give me warmth. So it occurred to me that this may just be the effect of nature, the effect of a yearly AUGUST BREAK.

The August break is here. I have always known that the ‘August break’ is associated with a cool/chilly weather. The rains usually ‘take a break’ during this period and it usually replaced by a certain chill with increased atmospheric humidity. The effect can be unsettling, especially for the young and the old.

During this period, there is usually a high sale of sweaters, wool socks, head warmers etc. More homes burn fuel to keep its members warm. There is giant change in lifestyle. The very true nature of warm blooded animals, which we are, is exhibited during this period. It is a survival instinct.

However, some people may be taking it too far, that it becomes detrimental to their health. Here is why;

The commonest medical ailment that would be noticed during this period is a case of Common Cold, an upper respiratory tract infection. This condition is generally known to resolve on its own, without any medical intervention. So everybody must know this and stop indiscriminate use of antibiotics or other drugs that they believe will take care of common Cold. Visit your local doctor instead whenever you have disturbing symptoms.

It should be noted that common cols is actually caused by a virus and may be complicated by a bacteria or any other organism.

Also during this August break, the general notion is for all Air conditioning systems, fans etc, be put off, to avoid ‘pneumonia ‘. But I disagree with this total ban. This is because, while it is true that some people understand the need for this action, most Nigerian will take it to the extreme and may decide to shut the windows and doors, since it would also help keep everybody warm.

Rooms where people stay, especially children and the elderly, must never be let un-aerated!!! So, no matter what the temperature of weather is, a scheduled opening and closing of the windows and doors must be done. I even propose that the ceiling fans, especially in tropical regions like Nigeria, be cleaned regularly and let to circulate the air in each room. It helps prevent such air borne diseases that thrive in a musky, dusty room.

Also get warmers for all members of the family, which should be worn in the night and early mornings. Keep the warmer neat and dust free!!! Also, remember to keep tabs of the weather, listen to weather forecast so as to predict what the weather would be like.

In all listen to your instinct and make sure that you visit a hospital if you notice any persisting  symptoms of cough, catarrh, chest pain, sneezing, breathing difficulty etc.

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The Admin is a Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Certified Medical Doctor, with profound expertise in Medical Content Creation and Medical Citizen Journalism. He is popular for being a fast rising online voice in Nigeria, with a flair for animated writing. He is a professional health content writer. He loves to swim, read and play board games. He see himself as one who is destined to play a role in the way health services are rendered to the human race.