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Professionals – always seeking to be better. The NURSING MATTERS contacted me yesterday and shared this beautiful piece about their profession. As nurses, I hold them in high regard, especially for all the hard work they have been doing. Read below the beautiful write up that was sent to me yesterday. Enjoy article after the CUT.


There’s no greater accolade for a profession than to be voted by the general public as the most trustworthy. However, let’s start with who the public consider to be the least trustworthy before we make our way to the top spot!

Bottom of the Pile

At the bottom of the rankings are politicians, journalists, car salesmen and bankers. No surprises here as the public perception of those that make but do not deliver on promises. The bankers seem to hit their lowest point when the public were forced to bail out the banks but worse was to come with rate-rigging scandal and continued miss-selling of products. Of course, during all of this the bankers who presided over corruption continued to enjoy hugely inflated pay and bonuses.

Moving slightly up the rankings but not too far ahead of the first group came builders and estate agents. Builders have sadly developed a reputation for never completing jobs on time and inflating prices. Estate agents have slipped down the rankings on perception of miss selling for the purposes of profit.

Lawyers scored dismally and just ahead of the builders and estate agents.

Trustworthy Zone

Moving into the more trustworthy zone, engineers and teachers took third and fourth spots respectively.

And in second place came doctors. The profession once seen as the most trustworthy and noble has slipped in recent years from the top spot to give way to the new winners.

Recap of the countdown:
10. Politicians and Journalists 7%
9. Bankers, Estate agents 11%
8. Builders 19%
7. Civil servants 25%
6. Accountants 29%
5. Lawyers 35%
4. Engineers 56%
3. Teachers 69%
2. Doctors 80%

The Winner Is?…….NURSING!

Number1 - Nursing Matters

Post Originally Appeared On Nursing Matters.

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